Bizarre News in 2020 You Might Have Missed

The world wasn’t prepared for a virus like covid-19 to hit and create such a change in daily human activities. We were forced to stay indoors and keep a safe distance from each other. Bored out of our minds, many of us let the internet guide us through this pitiful moment. And it didn’t let down!

2020 can be described in two waves; the first was rewatching iconic shows and movies such as the MCU franchise and every Fast and Furious movie, to later move onto shows such as The Office and Friends. We later saw a whole new craze for anime emerge out of nowhere, following which, people soon ran out of shows to watch. Then came the second wave.

Here’s where things got interesting. News broke out of American rapper Kanye West running for president of the United States on the 4th of July 2020. However, he soon gave the race up on November 4th, 2020. This, of course, served as fodder to meme communities worldwide. Then on May 5th, 2020, Elon Musk tweeted two pictures of his newborn son and wrote: “X æ A-12 Musk” which to be his son’s name. Along with some important events such as the Olympics being postponed and the sudden news of Prince Harry and Meghan stepping down as senior royals to move to North America, 2020 has been nothing short of different, to say the least. We made a list of bizarre events that took place during the pandemic, which you might have missed.


Murder Hornets (Asian Giant Hornet) spotted in the US

Murder Hornets are usually found in China and Japan, and can grow to be about 2 inches tall. Their sting is incredibly painful, leading to a large swelling that might force a person to be hospitalized. In Japan, Murder Hornets cause approximately 50 deaths a year and in December 2019 they were spotted near Washington State, near the Canadian border, soon progressing to move towards the US.

Murder Hornets attack honey bees and are capable of wiping out an entire hive in just a couple of hours with the already endangered species face another threat. In China, a video of honey bees surfaced, displaying the manner in which bees protect themselves from Murder Hornets. In the video, a herd of bees proceeds to fly around a hornet, forming a “Bee-ball”. The bees increase their body temperature while in this ball, effectively roasting the hornet alive. However, bees in the US haven’t learned a defense mechanism against the hornets and just try to escape instead.

Many Honey Beekeepers have several mechanisms in place to keep hornets away. They set traps and infrared cameras, with the objective being to keep the honey bees safe. If they find a Murder Hornet, they’ll locate the nest and destroy it.


A star went missing

In 2001, scientists discovered a star located in Kinman’s Dwarf Galaxy approximately 75 million light-years away called PHL 293B. It was said to be 2.5 million times brighter than our sun, and scientists claimed PHL 293B was in its last stages of life.

In 2019, a doctoral student in astrophysics at Trinity College Dublin, Andrew Allan looked into the data to be left shocked. The star had disappeared and every effort to locate it, using their best technology, was to no avail. Scientists located the star back in 2001 by using a technique called Spectroscopy. A spectroscope is a special piece of equipment that is able to split light from space into a spectrum of its own, allowing for scientists to study its compounds. But when the massive telescopes were pointed towards PHL 293B in 2019, astronomers found nothing.

PHL 293B was said to be in its last stages of evolution, but usually, when a star like PHL 293B collapses, a Supernova is formed, later turning into a black hole. The strange disappearance of the PHL 293B left scientists baffled and they theorize that the star would have either gotten dimmer or PHL 293B is now a black hole and skipped turning into a supernova altogether.


Mysterious Drones over Colorado and Nebraska

In January 2020, residents of Colorado and Nebraska spotted drones flying in a pattern behind each other. Residents claim to have seen 4 – 12 drones flying together, with each drone having a wingspan of 6 feet. Upon reports of the mysterious drones being spotted, The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) along with the FBI and the US military began investigating the occurrence.

The search led authorities to believe the drones would need to be operated in an automobile nearby. On the 7th of January, 2020, a very active search began in northern Colorado for the car, but unfortunately, no leads were found.

A week later, Morgan County Sheriff, Dave Martin, told state radio “There is no local crime that I am aware of that has been committed, but it is very unnerving for our citizens. Everybody’s concerned because of the unknown. A lot of our sheriff and law enforcement partners have been busy with these types of calls trying to figure out what it is and who it is.”

On the 9th of January, The Colorado Department of Public Safety released their own investigation stating the mass number of drones spotted could be planets, stars, commercial aircraft or small drones. Recently there have been no sightings of drones but Facebook Groups are still actively in-search of new sightings and reports, while The Colorado Department of Public Safety is still accepting tips.


Monkey’s in India, stole blood samples containing covid

In March of 2020, a representative carrying COVID-19 blood samples was attacked by a monkey while on daily testing rounds. The incident took place in Lala Rai Memorial Medical College in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. During the attack, the monkey managed to grab these test samples and escape.

The representative captured a video of the monkey attack-and-theft he experienced, and uploaded it to his social channels, following which, the video went viral. People living nearby were afraid that the monkey could spread the virus. However, Doctor S.K Garg, one of the top officials in the hospital said “No evidence has been found that monkeys can contract the infection” The number of covid cases at the time were around 7,000 but later increased, now standing at 6,03,000 cases.

Due to travel restrictions and mass lockdown, the streets were left empty for the first time in decades. This led to a wild-life takeover, one of the more positive things to have happened during the pandemic. Animals were spotted close to main roads and cities, there was an increase in the number of flamingos spotted in Mumbai, along with herds of deers spotted in Uttarakhand, Haridwar. Lucknow’s monkey incident is one of the many wildlife sightings of 2020.


Pentagon released 3 videos of UFO’s

The freedom of information act really gave us something crazy to look at during the end of 2019. A video leaked first by the singer of the band Blink-182, Tom Delonge in 2017, showed a naval officer in-flight when he spots blimps on his radar.  flight jet, while the pilot spots something getting caught on the radar. This video was called GOFAST, and is believed to be that of a UFO moving at high speeds.

The Pentagon said it wanted to “clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real.” They released two more along with GOFAST, titled FLIR1 and GIMBAL, showing some more encounters the US navy had with a UFO.

GOFAST had been leaked back in 2015. The video shows an object that’s 40 feet long and 50 meters above the pacific ocean hovering at ridiculous speeds. FLIR1 also shows an object getting locked onto the radar but its movements made it so that locking on to it was impossible.

Click here to watch GIMBAL

Click here to watch FLIR1

Click here to watch GOFAST


2020 was a first of its kind. And we thought that would it. Then the new year came in, and we witnessed the storming of the USA’s Capitol Building, complete with a half-naked man dressed in a furry horn hat, and sporting the American flag on a pole. Then Kanye made news once again, this time caught in an extra-marital affair rumor with makeup mogul, Jeffree Star. We found out about Trump’s Coke buzzer and Reddit crashed the stock market.

It is safe to say this year has been one of firsts. What a time to be alive!

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