TF Selections Vol 1

Here’s what we’re bumping with TF Selections – a new show by the Ticket Fairy team in India, dedicated to exploring new music from different parts of the globe, genre no bar.

As facilitators in the ever-evolving realm of music promoters, organizers and gig-goers, Ticket Fairy’s global team has always been passionate about the live experience. We care about every tiny little moment that contributes to what makes an event extraordinary. Whether that is an album or a packed arena show, we’ve kept our ears to the ground, listening for any new music from around the world. As part of our mission to bring music from outside the country to listeners in India, this list has been created with no genre-bind. The songs on this list are stellar additions to your essential playlists, each holding to their own standard of remarkability. For the first edition of TF Selections, we’ve compiled a list of new releases that you need to listen to right now!

Watch the first volume of TF Selections here:


Matt Fax – Always You

The French electronic DJ and record producer is quite young, but has been making waves ever since he began. Born David Ceilanska and aged 24, he recently released his new 3-track EP through Colorize earlier in February this year. Over time, the producer has garnered the support of some of the world’s top DJs, artists, and producers like Above & Beyond, Chris Lake, Depeche Mode, Gareth Emery and more, along with collaborations with legends like BT, RBBTS, and more. Growing up on rock music from an early age, his varied influences over time have evolved into the music he makes today, taking a little from everything he’s been served.


The track ‘Always You’ features electronic dance music duo LEVV’s Audrey Assad. With vocals tenderly fitting in spots of this spacey trance track, making you want to just let go and move your feet on the dance floor!


Roosevelt – Feels Right

Roosevelt aka Marius Lauber started his journey in music playing drums in an indie band in Germany. He is definitely one of the most spoken-about voices in new age music, a multi-instrumentalist who jammed with many bands over the years, and he’s also spent time as a DJ on the decks. Over time, Marius has managed to collaborate with acts like Washed Out and made remixes of tracks by artists such as Glass Animals, Rhye, Chvrches, and more. His hands have always been full of music that he’s gathered from the many influences around him. So you can see how diverse he is as a singer, musician, DJ, and producer.


His single ‘Feels Right’ is from his alternative/indie album Polydans, released this February 2021. The whole album weaves together different elements from 80s synth, disco, and even analog and Yacht rock, to produce some unique and distinctive tunes. It almost feels like a modern synth-wave release, cleverly crafted to produce a groovy pop-style single. The whole album is definitely worth a spin!


Solomun – Home

If you’re from India, you’ve probably heard the rumor about Vh1 Supersonic festival head Nikhil Chinnapa speaking briefly about how he intended to get Solomun down. The four-time award-winning Bosnian-German DJ has let time speak for him, as the world watched his journey of maturing into the artist he is today. He is also one of the torch-bearers of what is referred to as Business Techno – the techno music you listen to on the daily at clubs. He has always seen the top 10s of many Beatport, Mixmag and DJ Mag lists globally, and is one of the most seasoned players in the game.


Solomun’s track ‘Home’ comes with a visually pleasing video that inspires you to dance wherever you are, fearless of staying in your zone and grooving. The blending in of different soundscapes and synths keeps building through the track, and is worth a listen!


Marc Rebillet – You and Me

Marc Rebillet is an absolute genius! The 32-year-old music producer and YouTuber hails from Dallas in the USA. He has built his career around improvisation with electronic sounds and using funny lyrics prompted by the audience to make up parts. There’s little introduction to be given to the guy when watching a video can give you all you need to know. Also fondly known as ‘Loop Daddy’, he shot to fame in 2017 when one of his videos went viral on Facebook, rapidly increasing his follower base to millions in a matter of weeks.


Marc’s single ‘You and Me’ shows him grooving in a bathrobe looping samples and vocals to make the simple yet delightful track with stacks of piano, synth, bass, and funky vocals, playing with a chord progression Marc couldn’t get out of his head. Check this and many more of his videos out on YouTube!


Au5 – The Encryption

New Jersey native, AU5, otherwise known as Austin Collins, first rose to fame after winning a Seven Lions remix contest in January of 2013. Soon after, he was signed to the Canadian label, Monstercat, and has since become a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. As of 2021, AU5 has 4 studio albums and 18 EPs under his belt, an astounding feat for the 28-year-old electronic music producer. He has also toured with Swedish musician, Liquid Stranger, and Israeli musical duo, Infected Mushroom. His music falls within the confines of various electronic music genres, ranging from ambient to dubstep, with heavy trance elements. During March of 2020, Au5 collaborated with Seven Lions and American electronic duo, Crystal Skies, on their dubstep track Remember, only further cementing his position as a frontrunner in the global EDM sphere.


Fresh off the list of 11(!) independent singles Au5 released during 2020, The Encryption arrived during the end of November and delivers smooth transitions layered with exquisite synths and a pulsating bassline. The track features vocalist Nasty Purple and guitarist Kenny Raye and released under Au5’s label, Monstercat. Listeners should be warned, listening to The Encryption can feel like an intense 5-minute journey through the cosmos!

We hope you love these releases as much as we do!

Stay tuned for Volume 2 of TF Selections.

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