Q&A with Indian Techno Pioneer Tuhin Mehta

When techno music in India was only in its nascent stages, an old-school bred DJ, Tuhin Mehta, and his innovation put him at the fore of the dance music scene in India. His involvement was not only as a DJ, but also for the effort he put in behind the scenes, keeping his local techno wave alive and running in Chennai in the early 2000s. It only followed with his work at one of the world’s largest manufacturers of DJ equipment and music production tools, where he took a more in-depth look at the technology that went behind DJ consoles, mixers and other equipment. 

Tuhin is no stranger to getting you moving on the dance floor. He has spent a lot of time behind the decks, practicing for hours on end when he was younger. He’d taken up blending his strong detail for rhythms, melody, uptempo drums, and tasty synth lines with his technical prowess, and any influence he could draw as a seasoned listener. The results are what he’d describe as a new genre out of this hypnotic journey called EnergiTech. Given his amazing talents, he’s an integral musical part of both Submerge, Vh1 Supersonic and their legendary events. Tuhin’s tribal tech musical schooling also set the premise for his path as a DJ, and his techno sensibility today. 

We thought we’d have a quick round of questions with Tuhin, and introduce our new TF Media show ‘60 Seconds’ – featuring a rapid Q&A with some of your favorite musicians and artists that have to be answered in under a minute! Besides 60 Seconds, we also had some time to do a more elaborate interview so look out for an exclusive interview with Tuhin right below this video! 

Watch 60 Seconds with Tuhin Mehta here: 

TF: What’s your favorite thing about Djing?
Tuhin: For me, it’s the pure joy in seeing people react to the music the same way you do. It binds us all together and there is something really beautiful about it because it transcends everything else (race, language, gender etc.)

TF: What are your favorite venues to play in India?
Tuhin: A lot of my favorite venues to play at are no longer functional, unfortunately. Having said that, I’ve had some great gigs at Auro in Delhi, Antisocial in Mumbai, Straight Up in Bangalore, La Rive in Goa, and Leather Bar in Chennai.

TF: Who is the musician/DJ, past or present, you were most excited/happy to meet?
Tuhin: Two names stand out for me – Josh Wink and Jeff Mills!

TF: What inspires you about dance music?
Tuhin: It’s the flow of energy from the artist to the crowd, and vice versa! It’s mesmerizing and super addictive!

TF: Who have been some of your favorite DJs to play with?
Tuhin: I’d have to say Josh Wink from the recent past, and Sied van Riel from days gone by!

TF: If someone wanted to be a DJ, what’s the first thing you’d tell them to do?
Tuhin: Be prepared for the long haul because that is what music is about!

TF: What do you remember most about your first professional gig?
Tuhin: I remember being nervous as hell! I couldn’t eat or even hold a conversation with anyone before I started DJing because of my nerves. Once I did start the gig, everything just felt natural and in place! I was hooked!

TF: What’s the best thing you think has come out of the lockdown?
Tuhin: I think it’s been a ‘soft reset” for the scene. The underground seems to have now become mainstream with literally every ‘promoter’ wanting a piece of the so called ‘Techno’ pie!

TF: What’s it been like DJing during Covid, with a facemask and distanced crowd?
Tuhin: It was a bit surreal at first but now its become the new normal. I forsee myself wearing a mask while performing for the rest of the year I think!

TF: Describe your life in 5 words or less…
Tuhin: Grounded, laid-back but at the same time intense!

Stay tuned for a full interview with Tuhin in the coming weeks. 

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Featured Image courtesy Tuhin Mehta.

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