Tansen. Announces New Single ‘Broken (Re-Imagined)’

Following the vast success of their sophomore single ‘Rum & Her’, Indian lo-fi and chill-pop bedroom producer Tansen. has returned with the announcement of their upcoming single ‘broken (re-imagined)’ – an original composition by Bangalore-based producer CZA with vocals from Gurgaon’s MusicByRohit. The track is set to release on March 24 on all music streaming platforms.

“‘Broken’ is a song characterized by the process of falling out of love, to finally accept what is and what cannot be whereas, ‘broken re-imagined’ is an initiative to help people understand the relation between synth and sound, as a source of nourishment of one’s connection with the universe”, says the creators regarding the revamping of the track.

As the trio gears up for their collaborative release, The Ticket Fairy had the fantastic opportunity to again speak with one of the masterminds of ‘broken (re-imagined)’ – Tansen., before its official release. 

Your next single ‘Broken (reimagined)’ will be released soon, what can you tell us about the track?

The original version of broken was inspired by the song ‘Skeletons’ by ‘Keshi. We went for a sad vibe with that version. But with this new re-imagined version we went for a more dreamy vibe, giving the listener an experience where they can lose themselves in the song. We don’t consider this song to be just a remake of the original version. It’s a whole different vibe and can be considered as viewing the song in a totally new and different aspect. Therefore the name ‘broken (reimagined)’ instead of broken (remix), broken (remaster), etc. With this version, we’re also working on releasing an animated music video. It’s something very exciting that the audience will surely love and will be able to relate to a lot. 


What prompted you to choose CZA and Rohit Pandey’s track to add the Tansen. flair?

The story is actually really short and sweet. We fell in love with the word “photographs” (which is the first word of the song) and without even listening to the entire song decided on giving it the ‘Tansen. Flair.’


Your single ‘Rum & Her’ is now going to be preceded by ‘Broken (reimagined)’ and it’s been roughly five months since that last release. What has been the response to it?

The response has been great. Though the whole process did make me realize that people enjoy lo-fi more than chill pop. The whole process of releasing a song includes a lot of learning and it’s important to listen to what the audience wants. Response and feedback along with the artist’s creativity create the perfect mixture for a good song. With every release, we hope to get a better idea of how to go about the next release and I’m hoping this next release, broken (reimagined) is something the people enjoy and feel like listening to again and again :).


What is next for Tansen.? Are you planning to release more songs or an EP soon?

At the moment there are a lot of moving parts in the background. But there’s a lot to be excited about for sure. All we can say right now is “stay tuned folks”.


‘broken (re-imagined)’ will be out on streaming platforms on March 24, 2021.

This interview has been edited for clarity.


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