Handpicked Music Releases: March 2021 (India)

While we actually had some live gigs here in India during the months of November 2020 all the way to March 2021, Covid-19 has decided to play spoilsport again and send us back into our homes. The only comfort in this dismay has been the wonderful releases we’ve seen in the past month! Let’s check out some highlights from India in March 2021 in this piece.

Sublime Sound x Kavya – Colour (Single)

Genre: Dance, Electronica

This new single is a collaboration between New Delhi-based producer Anhad Khanna’s solo moniker Sublime Sound, and one of Delhi’s favorite singers and music producers Kavya Trehan. While Sublime Sound’s production keeps strong elements of traditional dance floor beats and styles, mixing a little of drum n bass, and layers of synths, Kavya’s voice over this electronic track keeps the light, summer-like feeling throughout. The debut collaboration between the two artists was released through label 4NCURRENCY founded by PAV4N, one part of former British act Foreign Beggars. 


Prabh Deep – Tabia (Album)
Genre: Hip hop, lo-fi, experimental

This album is 1M+ in streams as of now already, and as someone who has been fortunate to work with Prabh Deep, there’s a different ‘shape’ to his sound now, especially since his debut album Class-Sikh which was produced by Sez On The Beat. From just raw, grimey hip hop, to the blooming of the K I N G – EP and all other singles in between, Prabh has taken every learning and experience and molded a niche he can proudly call his own. For an artist in India who is NOT doing what is expected of him, he has still made a mark and a unique identity for himself, with the support of label Azadi Records by his side. Prabh’s conscience took over the direction of his music, and his sound evolved into something we can today see in Tabia. The 15-track journey is worth every listen, and comes with a ton of different moods from R&B, to drum n bass, a little lo-fi and rap parts in between. Check the video for Waqaf here: 


Zaeden ft. Hanita Bhambri – KTMBK (Single)
Genre: Dance Pop, Singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter and pop sensation Zaeden teamed up with the amazing singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri for KTMBK (Kahoon Toh Main Bhi Kya – translates to ‘What Can I Even Say). The song talks about how you are often left speechless when you encounter someone you love or are around them. The catchy vocal melody certainly hits all the right notes, leaving earworms throughout! It’s a song that celebrates the feeling of love and thinking of someone you are really attached to. You can watch the lyric video here, or check the music video out below:

Frequency Time Space – Nukye, There’s A Ghost In The Room! (EP)
Genre: Hip hop/Rap

This hip hop collective hasn’t made enough noise on the internet yet! Their new EP that we will refer to as NTAGITR (abbreviation of the full name), is the debut EP for rapper Specter, and another one in singer and rapper Nuke’s belt. The 6-track effort is some of the finest English hip hop in the recent past, full of braggadocious yet smart punchlines, and a writing style unique to FTS, backed by a signature sound from producer Zero Chill, who also happens to be the latest signee to hip hop label Azadi Records. The 14-minute EP takes you through a few layers of emotions, while still retaining that raw sound. Weaved together with a few collaborations with artists such as FTS members Tienas and Rayson4 7, the EP is now out worldwide. You can expect a music video soon. Listen to their second single Samurai Jack for now!  


Pacifist – Resolve (Single)
Genre: Hardcore, Metal

“To be a work in progress is better than a wreck with no conscience.” Some lyrics hit hard, and this is just one of those songs that expresses the rage and angst that comes with daily life. The song Resolve by Mumbai hardcore band Pacifist talks about celebrating individuality, and being instrospective while observing the world outside. It strongly talks about developing the self and our communities, while still expressing the growing problem if cult leaders across the world. The single is a follow up to their previous release Against The Tide, and you can watch the compilation of their tour and gig experiences with the song in this video: 


Hanumankind – Genghis (Single)
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Hanumankind is definitely one of the best English rappers to emerge out of India. Since his EP Kalari, he has been gracing stages and dropping bangers one after another. From songs like Daily Dose and Southside, all the way to singles like Beer and Biyrani, and now Genghis, his conscious expression and clever lyricism makes him a class apart. Lyrics like ‘What you partying for, we got issues in our nation cuz there’s parties at war’ give you some food for thought. Produced by Kalmi, Genghis comes with a slick old-school looking monochrome video. Watch and listen to Genghis here:


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