Earth Day Special: Support Gojira’s Fight For the Amazon

A couple of weeks ago, French metal giants, Gojira, released a new single called Amazonia from their upcoming album Fortitude, scheduled to release on April 30th, 2021. The release was accompanied by a music video with visuals that capture the essence of the indigenous tribes in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. It also encompasses the vast expanse of the forest, and the destruction due to massive forest fires – the wrecking of many species of animals, plants, and losses to the tribes who have been left helpless lacking support from the current  Government in Brazil. Watch the full music video here:

To stand with the people of the Amazon, Gojira tied up with Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB), an NGO led by leader Sonia Guajajara. Working with Propeller, the band launched a donation drive and auction to raise funds for over 300 tribes affiliated with APIB in the Amazon. Under their video explaining the ‘Operation Amazonia’ campaign, the band wrote –

“THIS IS A CALL FOR UNITY and solidarity with indigenous peoples, to end genocide and ecocide in the Amazon.”

Auction items include memorabilia from Gojira, and major rock and metal giants such as Metallica, Tool, Bring Me The Horizon, Slayer, Sepultura, Lamb of God and many more.

Watch the campaign video for Operation Amazonia here below:

Join the auction and raffle to bid for memorabilia here: Gojira (

In an Earth Day special episode with World Metal Congress, Gojira’s power sibling duo Joe and Mario Duplantier spoke about climate change, humanity, the paradox of ‘economy’ and capitalistic gain, and how rock music as a form of rebellion can be used to start movements for wider awareness and fundraising across the globe. They also touch upon certain topics like protests from the people of the Amazon being countered with open gunfire on tribal leaders and people, making the situation even more vulnerable. Having grown up close to nature, the band has always been aware of the impact humans have had on nature, and are constantly fighting for change.

“The best way to fight deforestation is to empower these indigenous groups” – Joe Duplantier

Watch the full session with World Metal Congress here:

Conscious music can really bring about change. We stand united in support with movements to bring environmental change, and wish Gojira the very best for their campaign and upcoming release. Happy Earth Day!


Information gathered from, and information shared by Gojira online.
Gojira cover image courtesy Gabrielle Duplantier.

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