TF Selections Vol 2

With our ears to the ground, Ticket Fairy is always on the lookout for the newest, most exciting artists dedicated to making genre-bending, experimental, one-of-a-kind music. Here’s the second installation of our handpicked artists who we believe deserve to be on your radar and your playlists.

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SHAED— Part Time Psycho ft. Two Feet

This US-based indie-pop trio consisting of vocalist Chelsea Lee and multi-instrumentalists Spencer and Max Ernst have been making music since 2011. Previously, The Ernsts had their own folk duo called the Walking Sticks. After Lee joined the duo, they rebranded as SHAED and released their debut single, Just Wanna See. However, the trio’s breakthrough came with their 2018 single, Trampoline, which was later remixed by Zayn Malik. Since then, the group has worked with Steve Aoki, Snny, Sting, and Two Feet.


Featuring singer and songwriter Two Feet, as part of their upcoming debut album High Dive— set to be released May 14— SHAED sing about the mental health battles they believe people have faced in the past year. Lee harmonizing with Two Feet in perfect synchronicity against an upbeat track with catchy hooks, accompanied by the 80’s style music video directed by Daniel St. Ours make for an engaging musical experience.



L’Imperatrice initially began as a nu-disco outfit in France in 2012 which has now expanded to a group of six musicians consisting of two keyboard players, one guitarist, one bassist, one drummer, and one vocalist and are known for creating catchy musical combinations of soul, pop, disco meant to transport you to the speakeasies of Paris. According to founder Charles de Boisseguin, the band’s influences are the “groovy” sounds of the past.

L’Imperatrice’s newest album Tako Tsubo is their first foray into English lyrics and they have fared brilliantly with their track Off to the Side.


Michael Brun—Melanin ft. Kah-Lo

This Haiti-born record producer and DJ is best known for blending traditional Haitian dance music like Rara and Kompa with electronic music. Brun has been making music since 2011 and has worked with several labels including Spinnin Records, Revealed Recordings, Columbia Records before founding his own record label Kid Coconut in 2014 which showcases Haitian music and develops Haitian artists. So far, Brun has worked with J Balvin, Major Lazer, J. Perry, and Mr Eazi among others.

Brun’s latest track Melanin featuring Kah-Lo combines hip-hop-influenced vocals with electronic and Haitian rhythms to make for an upbeat summertime jam.


FuzzCulture— Nicotine

Arsh Sharma, aka FuzzCulture, launched his Indian indie music career back in 2007 where he began his musical journey as a guitarist for The Circus, a New Delhi-based rock band. In 2011, Srijan Mahajan debuted with Sharma as FuzzCulture with their sound centered around potent rock riffs combined with dance music. After winning the VIMA Music Award and subsequently getting signed to Universal Music, Mahajan departed the band in 2019. Since then, FuzzCulture has continued to evolve under Sharma.

Nicotine, from FuzzCulture’s newest EP Strange Cities, shows off Sharma’s multi-instrumental talents alongside creating a fun, head-bopping indie dance vibe with lyrics penned from the perspective of a toxic individual.


QRTR— Lost in You x  Benwah

Meagan Rodriguez, aka QRTR, first gained her musical acclaim in Brooklyn and New York City’s coolest venues and clubs. QRTR debuted her live set in 2018 and released her album shortly after. Having had worked extensively in the film industry, her music combines downtempo textures and air-tight dance hooks which, making her dance music one of a kind. QRTR has now also been honored to submit a new track to appear on DJ and producer Sasha’s special mix compilation, LUZoSCURA set to be released in May.

Continuing on her genre-bending ways, in this collaboration with Benwah, QRTR’s Lost in You occupies the space between techno, trance, and experimental music, making for a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

We hope you like these releases just as much as we do!

Stay tuned for Volume 3 of TF Selections.

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