Charities and NGOs in India Fighting The Current COVID-19 Surge

With the 2021 mutated coronavirus hurling India back into dark times, many NGOs have sprung to action, aiding the country with necessary supplies and welfare to overcome the severity of India’s case surge.

Over the last two months, India has faced its second wave of COVID-19 case surges. First reported as a sudden surge in a district close to the city of Mumbai, this deadly wave quickly made its way through the vulnerable country, manifesting in heavily populated areas, with those without access to basic amenities rendered helpless. The arrival of vaccines saw delays, and fatalities reached a new peak due to a lack of oxygen, ICU beds for emergency cases, and other vital resources for the treatment of the coronavirus.

To help overcome this devastating shortage, NGOs in India gathered resources and supplies for those in need. From hunger and hygiene solutions, oxygen supplies, plasma, ICU beds, masks, and mental health resources. Here is a list of NGOs that are aiding India in the fight against Covid-19.

Khaana Chahiye

Khaana Chahiye is a brand new NGO that debuted on the 29th of March 2021. Their main mission is to feed children and people in need during the pandemic. As part of their first initiative, they successfully completed the distribution of 1200 free meals near the Western Express Highway, Mumbai, India. Founded by Ruben Mascarenhas, Rakesh Singh, Swaraj Shetty, Anik Gadia, Neeti Goel, Shishir Joshi, Putik Muni, this initial initiative saw +200 citizen volunteers and launched Khaana Chahiye towards the phenomenal work they do right now.

Khaana Chahiye has had great success accomplishing their mission to fight India’s hunger emergency during the new wave of 2021. They have served a staggering 46,50,000 to date across India and continue to push the boundaries of India’s hunger crisis. Their website also provides visitors with the option to report a hungry individual or family to add them to Khaana Chahiye’s comprehensive Hunger Map and their growing list of aided citizens.

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Hemkunt Foundation

Irinder Singh Ahluwalia started Hemkunt Foundation back in 2010 with a project that would make education accessible and free in three districts of New Dehli. Since, Hemkunt Foundation has initiated and participated in several projects. With the arrival of the new COVID-19 wave, all their efforts have now been dedicated to resolving and relieving India of its urgent need for resources.

Hemkunt Foundation helps people in dire need of resources such as oxygen and medication. All their funds come directly from donations. Their most recent initiative has been an O2 Drive, supplying COVID positive patients with Oxygen supplies, with delivery directly to their locations.

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ActionAid has been assisting marginalized communities ever since 1974. In 2006, they were registered as an Indian organization, governed by an independent general assembly and a governing board. Their goal is to eradicate poverty and injustice, with active centers across 24 states in India.

ActionAid has also been active on their social media pages, regularly circulating verified leads and resources as well as urgent cases and requirements – fostering a complete community-driven environment. They also supply those in need with dry rations, sanitary products and other essential items, funded by independent donations.

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Founded by Anshu Gupta and Meenakshi Gupta in the year 1999, Goonj‘s mission is to elevate poverty and enhance the dignity of the poor. They primarily aid in disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development. Since their launch, Goonj has improved rural lifestyles across India, providing communities with advanced and optimized solutions.

In response to India’s new COVID-19 wave, Goonj began ‘Rahat Goonj’, developing enhanced ways to help rural communities overcome the spread of the virus. By promoting local produce, integrating face masks into rural cloth pad production and distributing essential rations, Goonj has aided immensely in rural India’s fight against the new wave.

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Habitat For Humanity

Founded in 1983, Habitat For Humanity currently stands to be one of the largest housing in the Asia-Pacific region. Spearheaded by Chairman Rustom Jeejeebhoy and CEO Rajeev Menon, Habitat For Humanity’s mission is to provide housing solutions for homeless individuals and families across the globe. Their efforts in India have been significant, providing citizens with affordable and cost-efficient housing, engaging the community for hands-on volunteer programs and sending out disaster management and relief across the country.

Their COVID-19 efforts have been substantial. Using their unique expertise within the housing in India, HFH has successfully used abandoned and unused buildings and infrastructure to create Resource Camps and make-shift ICU centers – equipped with oxygen supplies, hygiene quarters, beds and mattresses, potable water, and PPE kits for frontline workers at their various centers. They have successfully provided beds for 4000 patients, having set up 16 COVID care centers during the first wave of the pandemic.

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