TF Pride Month: 5 LGBTQ+ Online Events To Attend!

The month of June is globally celebrated as Pride month by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. As India still battles the COVID-19 pandemic, Pride 2021 festivities shifts online with organizations offering a myriad of events for the people at home. We have accumulated Pride-themed activities that you could partake in such as queer film viewing, interactive discussions, webinars, workshops, virtual Pride Parade and more! Take a look at the events listed below!


Yes, We Exist 


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Yes, We Exist is a platform that actively raises awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community in India. For Pride Month, they have dedicated six Instagram lives with experts and people of the LGBTQIA+ community on topics suggested by their followers. In the 60 minutes live set to be conducted once a week, the representatives have picked relevant and urgent subjects that reflect the challenges faced by the community at large. The viewers can participate in the hour-long discussion, share their experiences and have inputs regarding their shared grievances by an expert. Some of the topics to be discussed are ‘loneliness and making friends within the community’, ‘dealing with a family who does not accept your gender/sexuality’, ‘looking after Mental Health if you can’t afford therapy’, and more. 

Check out their Instagram page for more details and to attend the live session – here


The Humsafar Trust

The Humsafar Trust (HST) is a community-based organisation working on the health & human rights of LGBTQIA+ since 1994. HST has curated four diverse Pride Month events including a virtual flashmob, a panel discussion with reputed Doctors on Covid vaccinations, Instagram live with India’s first Trans woman photojournalist Zoya Lobo and concluding it all with a three-day Queer Film Festival starting from 18th June. All the events can be accessed freely on HST’s Instagram page. The videos are also uploaded on their Youtube Channel in case you miss the live broadcasting. 

Be a part of The Humsafar Trust’s Pride Month Activities – here

Find their Youtube Channel – here

Register for the free three-day Queer Film Festival – here


Himachal Queer collective

Himachal Queer Collective is a helpline and LGBTQIA+ resource centre set up to support the members of the queer community in Himachal Pradesh. The collective, in partnership with The Humsafar Trust, is organising a two-day virtual workshop on Sexuality and Gender to help one understand LGBTQIA+ identities, rights and challenges. It will be conducted on 14th and 15th June from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Register yourself for the workshop – here

Find more details on their Instagram page – here


Spectrum Organization


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Spectrum is an organization conducting workshops for pre-teens on their four core areas of Child Abuse, Gender Identity, Gender Bias, and Eve Teasing. For Pride Month, they have lined up entertainment events as well as a social media series “Chronology Samajhiye” reflecting the evolution of Pride history. They have scheduled a talent showcase, queer cinema viewing, interactive Q&A regarding the LGBTQIA+ community, and a virtual Pride Parade throughout the month of June. 

Attend Spectrum’s events on their Instagram page – here

Read the “Chronology Samajhiye” series – here


Indian Asexuals 

Indian Asexuals is organizing a four-day webinar series to help one understand the Aromantic-Asexual Community better. They aim to ‘initiate conversations around the community, deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Asexuality Spectrum, the Aromantic Spectrum, the Gray-sexuality Spectrum and also shed light on Demisexuality and Sapiosexuality.’

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the guest speakers, and share their experiences and insights. A minimum donation of INR 50 will be required to attend the series with mandated preliminary registration.

Register for the webinar on Asexuality – here

Find more details on Indian Asexuals Instagram page – here


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