TF Pride Month: THE LGBTQIA+ Playlist

Even as India spends another year of Pride month celebrations indoors, a killer soundtrack for your virtual dance parties could still keep up with the extravagant festivities and camaraderie of Pride. We have curated TF’s Pride Playlist featuring multifaceted LGBTQIA+ artists and allies. There’s a little bit of everything iconic in this playlist to satiate your musical needs, including acts from chart-topping artists, rising stars, desi queer talents, and underrated brilliance you might have never heard of!


The Hit Makers 

Comprising of artists who are global sensations and probably won’t require an introduction, these are some must-know singers and their songs that are representing the LGBTQIA+ in pop culture.

“Bloom” and other tracks by Troye Sivan

The Australian star who rose to fame from his Youtube covers is now a popular face of queer anthems. His autobiographical “Blue Neighborhood” trilogy established his place in the music scene with its groundbreaking story and representation. Since then, the artist continues to release romantic as well as aggravating heartbreak songs unapologetically expressing his gender and sexuality.


“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X

 The controversial track of 2021 was an instant hit with the LGBTQIA+ community and also on TikTok/Reels. The accompanying video where Lil Nas X can be seen giving a lap dance to Satan has been the talk of the town ever since it was released. It has been the highlighting track for many Pride 2021 celebrations globally and surely we had to add it into our playlist as well!

Other Tracks Included In This Category: “Diamonds” and other tracks by Sam Smith, “Honey” by Kehlani, “Take Me To Church” by Hozier and “Pynk” by Janelle Monae and Grimes.


Up And Coming

Here are some globally rising artists whose tunes will surely keep everyone on their feet or unpack some familiar emotions.


“Bitter” and other tracks by FLETCHER

 FLETCHER is known for venturing deep into the culmination of her relationships and delivering heart-touching yet sensual tracks. The artist is on a steady route to fame lately. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, FLETCHER opened for former One Direction member Niall Horan on his recent tour. She worked with critically acclaimed producer Malay Ho on her latest EP The S(Ex) Tape and collaborated on the Eurovision 2019 winning song “Arcade” with Duncan Lawrence.


“Girls Like Girls” and other tracks by Hayley Kiyoko

 Hayley Kiyoko is rightfully proclaimed as the “Lesbian Jesus” given all the sapphic bangers she has released over the years. Her music videos are nothing short of a well-written short film on queer stories. “Girls Like Girls” was only the beginning for Hayley, who immediately flourished in and outside the LGBTQIA+ community. Hayley is now a recognized icon in the pop music scene, writing and creating music unabashedly about queer stories. She collaborated with Kehlani on one of her tracks “What I Need” and opened for Panic! At The Disco for their arena tours in 2018.

Other Tracks Included in This Category: “Stuck” by The Aces, “Crush” by Tessa Violet.


Indie Sensations

Tracks in this category are mellow indie hits that must have slipped from under your radar!


“She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert

 The massive success of the 2012 pro-gay-rights track “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis led Mary Lambert to extend her hook in “Same Love” into her single soft, romantic “She Keeps Me Warm”. Shortly after, she was nominated for two Grammy’s and rolled out more queer-focused tracks – even her hit single “Secrets” which had the famous lyrics, “I can’t think straight, I am so gay”. She is currently composing music for an LGBTQIA+ documentary.


“Would You Be So Kind” and other tracks by dodie

 dodie is one of the first YouTube singers who wrote and performed original queer songs. Her mellow voice backed mostly with a ukulele is admired by millions of people since 2011. For over ten years, dodie has written and performed songs revolving around the make or break of queer relationships, crushes, gender and sexual identity, and mental illness. She recently released her first full-length album ‘Build A Problem’ in 2021.

Other Tracks Included in This Category: “Daughter” by L Devine, “Time I Love To Waste” by MAY-A, “I Want To Be With You” and other tracks by chloe moriondo.


Desi Breakthrough Artists

Featured in this list are Indian queer artists who are worthy of being included in your playlist. Give these musicians a go as they croon about their love, sorrow and identity.


“Butterflies” and other tracks by Krishna K.

Based out of Chennai, Krishna. K is a 19-year-old independent artist who is producing, writing and performing songs from their bedroom. Despite being active only for a couple of years, they have already developed quite a beautiful discography and garnered listeners from all over India. 

Find Krishna’s music on Spotify: Here

“On and On” by akashita

 akashita is an Indian singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Boston, Massachusetts. She has played with several bands from Mumbai, Pune, and Boston, serving in various capacities such as bassist, guitarist, vocalist, percussionist, drummer, or songwriter. She released her debut album ‘Blue Times and the B-Side’ in 2019 and now frequently uploads covers on her Instagram page.

Find akashita’s music on Spotify: here

Other Tracks Included in This Category: Run” by GrapeGuitarBox, “Clutch” and other tracks by Nikitaa, “Blue River” by Alisha Batth, and “Doomed” and other tracks by Prakti.


New Discovery

Let us introduce some artists whom you might not have discovered yet and dive into their stories through their songs.


“God in Jeans” by Ryan Beatty

 Paraded once as “the next Justin Beiber”, Ryan Beatty spent most of his life in the music industry set to be the next ‘Prince of Pop’. Then in an epiphany, Ryan changed the course of his career and emerged as an alt-pop artist after a long hiatus. The career diversion and actualization of his sexuality made him be the artist that he is today, writing songs based on his experiences and performing them with more confidence than as a teen heartthrob artist.


“makeup drawer” and other tracks by Isaac Dunbar

 Listening to Isaac’s songs, one will be awestruck to realize that it has been written and produced by an 18-year-old. He is an immensely talented singer and equally skilled songwriter who knows how to capture his emotions perfectly within his medium. His infectious confidence exhibited in his live performances and music videos will surely leave you wanting more!

Other Tracks Included in This Category: I Saw A Boy At The Party” by Myylo, “Lost” by Sarah Proctor, “Not Now” by Ally Hills and “Every Boy” by Miss Benny.


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