Nasha Experience Release 3-track EP ‘Dard’

A cultural manifesto of the British Asian community from the early 90s, Asian Underground is a form of music that combines classical Indian elements, Bollywood Singing, Jazz, Drum & Bass and Jungle. Asian Underground Music has seen artists like Talvin Singh, Nitin Shawney, and Karsh Kale gain global recognition, and Nasha Experience have been one of the biggest exports from the genre.

The Nasha Experience is a super group like you have never seen before. Six people from different walks of life coming together to make breathtaking music. The collective has been one of the flag-bearers of Asian Underground for over two decades. Nasha Experience’s ability to weave global melodies and flavors into nu-skool electronic music has seen them produce some of the finest tunes in Asian Underground.

All the music produced by Nasha Experience over the years was released on Nasha Records where they delivered some of their biggest tunes like ‘Clotted Cream’, ‘Harappa’, ‘808’ and more. After releasing their music on Nasha Records for more than a decade, the group felt the need to create a niche of their own that focused on dishing out emotive Asian Underground music by bringing other artists and the Nasha Experience crew as individuals together; and that’s when Hundred Colours Music was formed.

Since their inception in 2015, and carrying their unceasing approach of quality over quantity from Nasha Records, Hundred Colours Music have mastered the art of delivering futuristic, cutting edge Eastern Electronic music.

After the ‘Blueberry Junction’ EP in 2018, the label had not released any music for three years; and finally, after a long hiatus, Hundred Colours Music is back with a distinctive three-track EP ‘Dard’ featuring Nuphlo, Osmani Soundz, and Barasingha and Kone Kone.

The ‘Dard’ EP starts with Kone Kone’s ‘Mila’ which is a dreamy stretched back number with simple drum patterns with an infusion of deep and dramatic rhythms. Title track ‘Dard’ is all about Osmani Soundz’s and Nuphlo’s turbo-charged beat patterns dished out with unparalleled emotive power. To cap off a stunning EP, Nuphlo and Barasingha send us into an intense hyperdrive with an absorbing 140-BPM deep stepper.

Listen and buy the ‘Dard’ EP here.

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