Drug-Free Psychedelic Experience: Lumenate

A new smartphone app developed by two software engineers from the UK now lets its users experience a psychedelic trip very similar to that of LSD. The app called Lumenate uses flickering flashlight on your phone to alter the users ‘state of consciousness’ and helps them explore their ‘subconscious thoughts and gain valuable insights.’ The Lumenate App was launched in March 2021 and is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Created by Tom Galea and Jay Conlon, the duo describes Lumenate as a ‘start-up on a mission to make impactful subconscious exploration more accessible than ever before.’ They explored various forms of ‘meditation, breathwork, lucid dreaming tech, sensory deprivation and hypnagogia aids’ to explore the perfect brain state of subconscious exploration until finally opting for sensory entrainment. 

Sensory entrainment is when a sudden sensory input – in this scenario, the flickering flashlight – prompts the neurons in the brain to adjust in sync with the flashlight as opposed to the natural rhythm of the brain. The sensory entrainment in Lumenate guides the brain to a meditative state or a state of psychedelic consciousness. As per their website, “months of EEG brain scans developing and optimizing our method of inducing altered-states using light and sound; our journey has been anything but ordinary.”


The first prototype of Lumenate was to conduct a series of public group experiences which was unfortunately terminated due to the nationwide lockdown imposed in the UK after the first group session. The duo then shifted their idea to create the Lumenate App for better inclusivity, accessibility, and better opportunity amid the pandemic. 

British Actor Rosamund Pike is an investor and Creative Director of the app. She participated in the early beta testing ‘the huge potential impact of the app as a tool to explore one’s own mind’. In an Instagram post, the actor states, “all you need is ten minutes to yourself in a darkened room and the camera light on your phone… I promise. Since I started using the app during its initial testing phase I have experienced deep inner awareness through the totally incredible kaleidoscope of colors created by my subconscious.”

Inventors Galea and Conlon met at the University of Liverpool, UK, while studying Engineering. Together they worked at Jaguar Land Rover on far future vehicle concepts and left the corporate world in 2018 in a mission to help humankind. They focused ‘on the idea of inspiring change in people’s lives through subconscious exploration’ and spent years researching and interviewing people across the world thereby inventing the Lumenate App. 


Feature Image via Lumenate App Facebook. 

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