Sandunes Returns With Her Sixth Solo EP

A Mumbai-based girl who learned her craft in London, and now dishing out her unique brand of electronica to the world, Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes is amongst the most important artists in Indian Electronic Music. Sandunes’ Electronica is a culmination of carefully laced melodies with a blend of enchanting 2-step and Future Garage beat patterns.

Before affirming her love for Electronica and making it her standout genre, Sandunes dabbled around various styles during her stint as a keyboardist while playing for Bands and Tribute shows across Mumbai.

Sandunes began her journey as a producer with the two-track Temper Tonic EP, which was followed by her role in the inception of the Dualist Inquiry Band with Sahej Bakshi and Jivraj Singh. Since then, the producer has released some breathtaking music which includes 2 full-scale albums and numerous EPs. Her work also includes an album with British drummer and producer, Richard Spaven where she showcased her riveting sonic brilliance.

Along with her signature motif as a producer, Sandunes’ immersive live shows have seen her share stages with legends like Bonobo, Pretty Lights while being one of the three Indian artists to play for India’s first ever Boiler Room showcase in 2016.

After a busy 2020 which included the emphatic release with Richard Spaven, Sandunes is back with a 4-track EP ‘Nowhere To Stand’ on the German !K7 imprint. The EP is a meticulously constructed collaborative experience featuring Landslands, Sid Sriram, Half Waif, and Ramya Pothuri.

 The work behind ‘Nowhere To Stand’ is distinctive, meticulous and emotional. Bringing her penchant for her vocal-led style of music to the fore, the EP is a soul-stirring journey that travels through various tempos. Featuring gloomy vocals of Landslands, the EP starts with ‘A Little While’ with Sandunes’ crisp drum work which immediately sends the listener into an endless journey. ‘Shadow’ featuring Half Waif takes the pop-infused route with its sumptuous melodies and intensely growing drum beats. Title track ‘Nowhere To Stand’ with Sid Sriram is a tune crafted with care and precision featuring a gritty bassline and shrinking vocals. Featuring her sophisticated drum patterns again, Sandunes finishes the journey with an atmospheric deep stepper ‘Ghosts’.

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