DnB Powerhouse Dimension’s Best Remixes

Drum & Bass was never about mainstream limelight. Apart from Goldie’s distinct flamboyance, the genre since its inception was always about putting your head down and doing your thing, until recently. Over the last few years, we have seen artists like Sub Focus, Chase & Status, Netsky, Culture Shock and many more who have successfully embedded the underground into the mainstream wing of electronic music; and more importantly, they have thrived!! But there is one such artist who has swept everyone off their feet and become the undisputed king of Dancefloor Drum & Bass; it’s Robert Etheridge aka Dimension.

Dimension started his career with Cyantific Records before being swooped by Chase & Status led MTA Records, a label that was home to powerhouses like Nero, Moody Good, My Nu Leng, MANT and more.

After a successful stint with MTA Records where he released hits like ‘Whip Slap’, and ‘Dark Lights’, Dimension went on a run of charting releases, and fast forward 2021, he has consolidated his name in the Drum & Bass folklore as one of the biggest producers in the scene.

Over the years, Dimension together with his handpicked collaborators has released some of the biggest tunes in Drum & Bass like ‘Desire’, a tune which amassed 50 million global streams while spending 9 weeks on BBC Radio 1’s playlist. Along with Dimension’s supreme prowess with his original productions, he is also a force of nature with his remix game.

The elusive producer is known for experimenting with different styles, and one of these explorations landed ‘Offender’, a pulsating dancefloor banger that fused Psytrance with Drum & Bass. Taking inspiration from this infusion, Dimension delivered a thunderous remix of Sub Focus’ seminal tune ‘Timewarp’; and to celebrate the remix, we look back at some of Dimension’s reworks throughout his career that have put him in the exalted company of elite producers in electronic music.


 To kick things off, we are starting with Dimension’s remix for Nero when they were label mates. The year was 2015 and Dimension had just started building his foothold in the scene and this was one of the remixes that took his profile to the next level. Long ambient intro followed by a punchy drop featuring his now distinguished bassline.


 Very few things sound amazing at 170 BPM and Dimension knew how to hit the spot right from his early days as a producer. Different from his renowned rhythms, this remix for NERVO takes a stretched-back route soaked in turbo-charged drum patterns.


 This remix for Chase & Status was a part of the Deluxe Version of their groundbreaking ‘Brand New Machine’ album and yet again, Dimension delivered when he was assigned remix duties. Keeping the essence of the original, the remix begins with a haunting intro before driving itself into a full-throttle bass assault.


Well, it’s been 3 years and the question remains; what can Drum & Bass heads do to have an official release of this tune? It was incredibly difficult to choose between his remix for deadmu5’s Avaritia but this remix brings the euphoria and the sadness of the tune never seeing the light of day, together.


 We had to end the list with this, didn’t we? ‘Strobe’ is the absolute gold standard in electronic music; it’s meant to be untouched and if you want to remix it, you need A LOT of courage. Nobody, absolutely nobody expected the remix to be this good; and to sum it up, it’s a masterpiece. Just sit back and lose yourself in its magic because these 8 minutes might just be the best 8 minutes of your year so far.

Fresh off the release of his smashing ‘Organ’ LP, it’s an inevitability that Dimension is going to get bigger and bigger, and we cannot wait to witness how the genius of Dimension surprises us next. 


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