Listen to Ahmer’s New Single ‘I.D.’

As a strong voice from Kashmir, Srinagar-based hip hop artist Ahmer’s latest single ‘I.D.’ is one of his most powerful releases yet. The track explores the psychological trauma and constant uncouth behaviour towards the people of Kashmir in its realest form. The song is produced by Delhi-based artist Lacuna, and brings out Ahmer’s lyrics in their true aggression. The track is accompanied by a music video, illustrated by Anis Wani and directed by Crevixa.

The people of Kashmir have been put through a constant bombardment, ill treatment, and oppression for decades. Being one of the states facing constant backlash of various problems with relation to the Indian state, the turmoil has never died down since the country’s independence. Generations have passed, and through ‘I.D’, we see more through the eyes of a Kashmiri citizen. The chorus emphasises on how most citizens are constantly humiliated, or suspected even while going about your daily work. At every checkpoint, proof of a person’s identity becomes a necessity.

‘I.D’ is another conscious music piece from the house of Azadi Records. Ahmer debuted with Azadi Records launching his album Little Kid, Big Dreams with hip hop producer Sez On The Beat. Since then, he has been writing and producing many of his own songs, with his mixtape Inqalab that followed in 2019. He also united forces with Kashmiri artists Ali Saffudin and rap duo Straight Outta Srinagar, aiming to bring Kashmir on the map as a global force in music too. He has collaborated with artists such as Delhi Sultanate, members of Team Evolution, and producer Zero Chill in the recent past.

Ahmer’s narrative will not go unheard. While most art, or indications of distress in the state of Kashmir may be suppressed, Ahmer stands as the voice of a people whose reality is constantly hidden, and speaks of the various atrocities faced in day-to-day life. We look forward to Ahmer’s second full length album, set to release sometime this year. 

Listen to ‘I.D’, streaming on platforms worldwide:

Stay tuned for more music and tunes from Azadi Records’ roster. We wish Ahmer the best of luck! 

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