Sound Avtar Returns With An Emotional 2-Track EP

Whether it is the industrial lands of ‘Turbulent Flow’ or the deep soundscapes of ‘Silver Cloud’, Piyush Bhatnagar aka Sound Avtar has championed the dark and dreamy worlds of Drum & Bass music. With over a decade in the Indian Bass music scene, Sound Avtar is consistently pushing boundaries through his creative productions.

After starting his Sound Avtar project that focused on DJing, he delved into the world of music production in 2008 where he explored diverse styles of dance music for 4 years before making Drum & Bass his standout genre. Following the release of his first single in 2012, he has racked up over 10 EPs and numerous singles while dishing out his trademark sounds.

Sound Avtar isn’t shy of exhibiting the depth in his productions, which is evident through his decade-long back catalogue. The producer started with bass stabs and haunting atmospherics, which resulted in him being termed as the ‘Bad Boy Bass’ of India, before seamlessly transitioning into the warmer undertones of Drum & Bass in his recent releases.

Taking the terrains of his cinematic style of productions, Sound Avtar released ‘Your Love’ in 2020, a single that showcased the transportive sounds he has been pushing in his recent releases.

After a year-long hiatus, the eclectic producer has returned with a gorgeous 2-track EP that draws inspiration from his melody led Drum & Bass music. The EP begins with the title track ‘Stay’ which is a soulful Liquid Drum & Bass deep-stepper featuring a delicate fluttering bassline that is topped with glistening harmonies and Jungle breaks that spark a feeling of poignance.

 ‘Lucid Dreams’, which is the second track from the ‘Stay’ EP, will be released a month later.

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