Pornhub Launches Museum Guide for Classical Nudes

Pornhub has launched an interactive guide to all the erotic art that can be found in some of the world’s most renowned museums in Europe and the United States.

This controversial online guide called “Classic Nudes” helps its viewers to discover erotic paintings and sculptures at prominent museums such as the Louvre (Paris), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City), the Museo del Prado (Madrid), the Uffizi Galleries (Florence) and the National Gallery (London).

The twofold mission of this initiative is to attract visitors to museums after the pandemic induced lockdown and to appeal the sex-addled into experiencing art. This virtual tour features maps to help locate the art works, guiding “you past all the prude paintings and going directly to the good stuff: representations of the naked body in all its artistic glory.” Pornhub’s site wrote in its welcome message to its interactive guide’s feature.

Classic Nudes is the latest addition to Pornhub’s series of campaigns demonstrating the relationship between porn and the arts such as ‘Remastered’ in which Pornhub teamed up with artificial intelligence experts to restore century-old erotic films in May.

They also made their way into the art world by commissioning an art show ‘The Pleasure Principle’ at Maccarone (Los Angeles), and hosted the premiere of ‘SHAKEDOWN’ – a documentary on Los Angeles’ underground Black lesbian stripper club scene directed by Leilah Weinraub.

The Birth of Venus recreated by Pornhub with adult entertainer Cicciolina.

Classic Nudes covers thirty famous works found in the world’s most prestigious museums which feature audio commentary by American porn actress and adult-film director Asa Akira for selected pieces. These include some of the ultra well-known works such as Edward Manet’s ‘Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe’, ‘Birth of Venus’ by Sandro Botticelli, Francisco de Goya’s ‘Naked Maja’, and Paul Cézanne’s ‘The Bathers.’

This guide that blends history with entertainment and humor can be read at home or at the museum but you must be warned – its video guides are explicit and contain NSFW clips. Therefore, the video guides probably should not be viewed in a museum or any other public place.

“There’s a treasure trove of erotic art around the world — depicting nudes, orgies and more — that’s not available on Pornhub,” adult star Asa Akira said. She furthermore commented on Venus’s birth from a clamshell saying, “And if you thought that shell was a symbol for some WAP, well then you were absolutely right. It looks like someone has been listening!”

“Let me help you skip all of the boring paintings like The Mona Lisa and go straight to the pervy stuff at The Louvre, Museo del Prado, Musee d’Orsay, The Met, and more,” Asa Akira, the brand ambassador of Classical Nudes wrote on her Instagram page.

She expressed her enthusiasm for this project in her post saying, “With the @pornhub ClassicNudes mobile site, you can tour the museums with audio commentary by ME! I learned more French recording this than I did in five years of high school. Yes, five.”

Six of the thirty-one artworks included in Pornhub’s interactive guide are reenacted by porn actresses and actors. Cicciolina, an iconic porn star, Member of the Italian parliament, and ex-wife of Jeff Koons appears in the video playing Venus and describing Botticelli’s Birth of Venus as one of the “hottest scenes in history.”

It was re-created in a “safe-for-work” ad for the Classic Nudes guide with Cicciolina standing in a nude suit flicking through the art guide’s offerings as she reads the Classic Nudes tagline at the end that is – “Because porn may not be considered art, but some art can definitely be considered porn.”

The selection also points out how the category of classical art as well as museums are heavily Eurocentric as they predominantly feature white bodies painted by white artists. To balance this – Classic Nudes has a category called ‘Another Perspective’.

This category is dedicated specifically to works by BIPOC and women artists as it draws on a number of international collections to showcase artworks from India, Japan, China, and America depicting non-white bodies.

If all this isn’t surprising enough, MySweetApple – an amateur porn couple, re-created pieces transformed into NSFW clips. It includes ‘Venus of Urbino’ by Titian, depicting a woman lounging nude in an occupied living room; ‘Male Nude’ by Edgar Degas- a famously sensual portrait of a man in a state of repose; and Jan Gossaert’s ‘Adam and Eve’, portraying the moments after the couple bit into the fruit of temptation.

However, according to the Daily Beast, the Parisian museum, Louvre and the Uffizi in Florence are not too fond of this project – to the extent that they intended to file lawsuits against the streaming porn site over rights infringements.

“No one has granted authorizations for the operation or use of the art,” a spokesperson for the Uffizi Gallery told Daily Beast. “In Italy, the cultural heritage code provides that in order to use images of a museum, compressed works for commercial purposes, it is necessary to have the permission, which regulates the methods and sets the relative fee to be paid. All this obviously if the museum grants the authorization which, for example, would hardly have been issued in this case.”

Similarly, a Louvre spokesperson told The Daily Beast that “Pornhub has heard from our lawyers. We expect the works to be removed at once.” Following the publication of Daily Beast’s article, the Louvre decided against pursuing legal action against Pornhub.


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