TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#4)

With so much new music coming out everyday, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Sam Fender – Aye [Single]

From his upcoming October album ‘Seventeen Going Under’, Sam Fender releases an extremely political track ‘Aye’. It’s literally the voice of the working class, who get displaced by the pointless battles between the left and right wing politics. He also subliminally points out his disdain for those 1% of tax evading billionaires who think they have the whole world in their hands. With lyrics like – “I don’t have time for the very few, they never had time for me and you”, this is a modern protest anthem that’ll rile you up, if you’re keeping your eye on current world affairs at the moment.

Halestorm – Back From The Dead [Single]

In typical Lzzy Hale style, opening up the song with a celestial scream, ‘Back From The Dead’ is intended to be a shout-along song when the gates open to normality once again, when we metaphorically get back from the dead. The iconic Halestorm vocalist-guitarist has written this song from a personal mental health perspective, about escaping darkness and depression surrounding the health crises the world is currently facing. This song is part of the band’s upcoming yet to be titled 5th studio album, coming in 2022. An intense video to accompany some powerful lyrics – “Back from the dead alive! Hell couldn’t hold me!”

Tienas – La Llorona (Prod. By Zero Chill) [Single]

In collaboration with his crew-mate from Frequency Time Space (FTS), producer Zero Chill, the multi-faceted wordsmith Tienas releases a single ‘La Llorona’, meaning – the weeping woman – titled after a South American folk tale of a ghost of a beautiful woman who roams waterfront areas mourning the death of her kids, whom she drowned. With the unique flow of his delivery, coupled with his unmatched pen game, this song serves as a warning to all those who doubt Tienas’ claim to the throne!

Major C – Lockdown Love Riddim [EP]

Bringing in some positivity into the grim situation that is the lockdown, one of Mumbai’s oldest names in the DJ circuit, Major C (Chandrashekhar Kunder) produced and announced a collaborative EP ‘Lockdown Love Riddim’, releasing one song every week in August, featuring four artists – Everything Nice a.k.a. ZAGA BILLIONZ from Nigeria, General Vypa from Jamaica, Danish from Mumbai and Bobkat from Kenya (his long time band mate from his dancehall act Bombay Bassment, also a dancehall DJ in his own right). Each performer brings their own flavour to the ‘riddim’. A truly historical idea in the underrated and upcoming Indian reggae / dancehall scene which was conceptualised at Goa Sunsplash festival, where all the artists met for the first time. It also features Ruell Barretto on the bass guitar, Major C’s bandmate from Bombay Bassment.

Shaybo – My Sister ft. Jorja Smith [Single]

Nigerian-British rapper Shaybo releases ‘My Sister’ featuring the silken voiced Jorja Smith. This is a single released along with her mixtape ‘Queen of the South’. A heartfelt song encouraging her sisters to accept themselves as they are and not force change to please someone else. She urges all the women of the world to take into account how much they sacrifice for everyone around them and demands that they take themselves seriously. The song accompanies an artistically well-shot video by director Tash Tung.

Silent Planet – Panopticon [Single]

A deeply thought-of name ‘Panopticon’ means a circular prison arranged around a central well, from which prisoners can be observed at all times. The band Silent Planet hints metaphorically at how modern society is being controlled by subtle and unseen forces. They mix some noisy industrial electronic elements in the intro of the song, with tonally heavy modern metal sounding guitars and tightly compressed drums with screechy and shouty vocals, to end the song with a chug-heavy mosh-worthy breakdown. Gritty.

TroyBoi – BUSS IT [Single]

Troyboi doesn’t need any introduction but if there is one thing that you probably wouldn’t know about him is that the eclectic producer is half-Indian with his mother’s roots originating from Kolkata. Now talking his latest release; ‘BUSS IT’ for its brutal sounding track name takes the opposite route and brings laid-back grooves with plush and engaging soundscapes bundled over trap and wave undertones to make an exotic peak-time cracker.

Urmet K & Iveta – Garun [Single]

Transcending styles of production that range from dance floors to roof-top clubs to beach terraces and dark underground clubs, Estonian producer Urmet K has quickly established his name as one of the best producers in London’s effervescent underground scene. His latest release ‘Garun’ brings his signature melodic, moody, and hypnotic sounds that combine exquisitely with Iveta’s breezy vocals; making the track a captivating Downtempo stunner.

Etherwood – Dahlia [Single]

There are very few Drum & Bass prodcuers that can match the melodic masterclass of Etherwood. In just under 10 years, Etherwood has comfortably placed himself in the top brass of Drum & Bass through his chilled and atmospheric sounds that are layered with delicious piano rolls. ‘Dahlia’ which forms a part of his 4th studio album features waves of luscious musical string arrangements laid lovingly over the razor-sharp drum work.

Bensley – Control Me [Single]

Canadian producer Bensley’s story is nothing short of inspirational. With no previous releases or DJ shows, the then 19-year-old in 2013 sent a demo to RAM Records and just with the demo’s first listen, RAM’s scouting team’s jaws dropped. He was signed to the label just weeks after sending the demo and since then Bensley’s freak cross genre-pollinating ability has been unrivalled. His latest Bass House scorcher with Monstercat that brings his left-field style to the fore is a testament to his ever-growing musical skillset.

Doctor Jeep – Necka Pill [Single]

Andre Lira aka Doctor Jeep is one of Brooklyn’s eclectic young selectors, blending everything from Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and UK Garage to Techno, Electro, and Classic House. His expansive DJ-ing ability is also visible in his productions which are a mix of 808’s and the Breakbeat heavy sounds of the 90?s UK rave music. Part of his ‘Reflexing’ EP, ‘Necka Pill’ is a jumpy hypnotic breakbeat banger with swatches of meticulously arranged vocal samples that the multifaceted producer is known for.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen and / or groove to!


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