The Very Best Survival Games

If you’ve been in search of a good survival game to play with your friends, we’ve listed down 5 of the most popular and engaging survival games that unravel a mysterious story or even fight gods, looting, raiding, and building an establishment.

Some games in our list are massively multiplayer so don’t forget to make your tribe or faction with your friends to explore these vast worlds. 

The Forest


The Forest is an open-world horror video game developed and published by Endnight Games in May 2015. The game takes place on a mysterious island that is domesticated by cannibals, and you play as a character called Eric LeBlanc who’s the lone survivor of a plane crash. Upon witnessing his son Timmy getting abducted by the creatures he sets out to unravel the secrets behind the island and its cannibalistic creatures. The Forest is available on Microsoft Windows as well as PlayStation consoles with a sequel in development called the “Sons of the forest.”

The story starts as turbulence is felt throughout the plane with oxygen masks falling from the ceiling and the cabin crew urging people to tighten their seat belts. A large impact is felt and before you know it the airplane splits up into two separate parts and kills everyone upon impact. Eric witnesses people come and snatch his unconscious son leaving the rest to die

The game teaches you to build an establishment, as well as gather ingredients to craft weapons, clothes, and even defenses to keep the creatures away. You explore dungeons that house various types of beasts in the hope of finding your son Timmy. The game has a multiplayer feature and is also a delight to play in VR glasses.



Minecraft is a very famous survival game developed by the Swedish video game company Mojang Studio in November 2018. The game takes place in a 3D world in which players get to choose between playing creative mode which gives you infinite amounts of resources to build a world and survival in which players are tasked with gathering, crafting, and hunting for resources, and you can even gain magical abilities and weapons.

To survive a night in the Minecraft world, you fortify your safehouse from Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, and Endermen. If you defeat one of the monsters you can gather their materials to build stronger or enchanted items to defeat tougher monsters.

Players also have an option to play online with friends and have a whole new experience while playing Creative world. If you don’t own a PlayStation, Xbox, or even a PC you can install it on your android phone and even your iPhone.



Valheim is a new survival game created by another Swedish video game company called Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios in February 2021. The game is based on Norse mythology in a world created by Odin himself, the RPG has elements of hunting, crafting, and survival from otherworldly creatures.

The story of Valheim takes place in a world where slain Vikings are sent to prove themselves if they are worthy to walk the halls of Valhiem. To reach Valhiem, players must defeat all the evil and conquer each of the lands all by themselves, while being guided by a Raven, you fight against Odins most feared enemies.

Valheim is only available on PC and Linux on Steam along with mods you can add to make the gameplay much more enjoyable. With subtle but mysterious things all around the islands, the world created by Iron Gate Studios is beautiful but also dangerous.

Ark – Survival Evolved


Ark Survival Evolved is an open-world action survival game developed and published by Studio Wildcard in 2017. The game takes place on an island that is habited by prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs and humongous reptiles, you aim to tame and create a dinosaur farm while exploring and fight against evil bosses while also leveling up.

In Ark, players can play multiplayer and make a tribe that can house limited people according to each server. With add-on extensions, players can venture out into new worlds and face “Robo-dinos’ and gain different items. In Ark to tame dinosaurs, you first have to trap it by using a slingshot and a blunt object to knock out the creature. You feed them narco berries for them to stay asleep and depending on if its a carnivore or herbivore you feed it meat or berries. The higher the level of the dinosaur you feed it more Narco berries so it doesn’t attack you.

The game has a total of 176 creatures in which only the aquatic and insects aren’t able to be tamed. The map is massive and will take hundreds of hours to explore and complete. Ark is available on all devices IOS, Android, Microsoft, PlayStation, Xbox, and this year the game will also be available on Stadia.



Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game developed and published by Facepunch Studios back in 2018. The game was initially a lot like Dayz, a famous post-apocalyptic world in which players survive from zombies and other players. The goal in rust is to raid other people’s bases for materials and weaponry or make and find them yourself while surviving wild animals and other players.

You start with a rock which you use to gather raw materials to craft other necessary tools. Players build bases that help them in crafting and staying safe from other players while the majority of the players have an entire squad to help them, as raiding is the primary objective of the game. While playing Rust players are constantly making sure they don’t die of hunger, dehydration, and from MPC who randomly target you.

The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation, and Xbox. The map isn’t small and finding your friends after you spawn in a server is a bit of a task with other players always ready to kill and raid you, you’ll always have to stay on your toes. The game has a couple of add-ons like weapon skins and different types of clothing to personalize your character.


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