Top 10 Affordable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

As technology gets more and more obsolete with every passing moment, we’ve been slowly but surely building up to completely doing away with the entanglement of cables and wires. There’s been massive progress in research and execution of bringing wireless technology at affordable costs to the general consumer in many areas of life. And especially for those who like to experience music listening in-depth, wireless Bluetooth headphones have been the choicest gift that science can offer. Ahead, we explore our top 10 affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Sony WH-CH510

A lightweight pair of over-ear headphones from tech giants Sony. The comfortable over-ear design covers your whole ear and gives more space, in turn creating a wider and clearer listening field. It’s made to give you a fully-balanced audio experience, having well defined bass and a clear treble section that’s not excessive, so you are able to hear everything more clearly and you feel less fatigue in case of long listens.

Weight: 132g

Battery Life: approx. 35hrs

Price (approx.): $70

JBL Tune 700BT

From one of the most prominent audio brands is JBL’s lightweight and portable wireless headphone model. It’s foldable, which makes it easy to travel with. It’s ideal for those who have the taste for heavy bass and low end in their music. One of its main features is the multi-point connection capability, which enables you to quickly switch between 2 Bluetooth devices. It also boasts of quick charging which gives you 2 hours of playtime by charging for just 5 minutes.

Weight: 220g

Battery Life: approx. 27hrs

Price (approx.): $75

Sennheiser HD 250BT

A dependable name in professional audio, Sennheiser’s HD 250BT, whose size doesn’t do justice to its power, equates with punchy high-quality sound, inspired by DJ’s. One of its most important features are the low latency playback, which keeps audio perfectly synchronised with video when you are watching anything. Apart from having soft comfy ear-pads and being lightweight, it also has the ‘Sennheiser Smart Control App’ for smartphones, through which you can personalise your experience by using an intuitive equaliser.

Weight: 125g

Battery Life: approx. 25hrs

Price (approx.): $75

Marshall Major II

More famously known for manufacturing guitar amplifiers for decades now, Marshall brings their aural expertise to the world of consumer and pro audio. The Major II headphones, frequency-wise, aim to deliver heavy bass, smooth midrange and screaming highs. Its collapsible design makes it easy to carry around, and it comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack cable, so that you can plug it in your music source in case it runs out of battery. Very thoughtful, indeed!

Weight: 178g

Battery Life: approx. 30hrs

Price (approx.): $100

Jabra Elite 45h

A trusted veteran name in the field of audio and recently over the turn of the century in wireless headset technology, Jabra, as a brand is a great choice to consider. The Elite 45h is a combination of luxury and serene sound quality. It is padded with memory foam ear cushions for maximum comfort. You can use the customisable music equaliser in the Jabra Sound+ App that can be operated from your source device to tweak the sound of the headphone until you feel it suits your aural palate. It also comes with a Jabra technology called MySound, which optimises your audio experience based on your personal hearing profile.

Weight: 240g

Battery Life: approx. 50hrs

Price (approx.): $135

Blaupunkt BH11

Another model of headphones in this list with multiple device pairing capability, Blaupunkt BH11, come with large memory foam earcups that cover your entire ear, providing more comfort and a better listening experience. It has a switchable heavy bass mode, which can be activated with a button if and when required. The BH11 also comes with a stereo 3.5mm aux cable, so you can plug it in if you run out of battery power. Most of all, it’s extremely wallet-friendly for the kind of quality it delivers.

Weight: 220g

Battery Life: approx. 24hrs

Price (approx.): $55

Infinity by Harman Glide 510

The real stand-out feature with the Infinity by Harman Glide 510 is the 72-hour battery life. That’s 3 entire days of playtime! Besides that, it has a switchable deep bass mode and a dual equalizer mode so that you have options to help you create an immersive listening experience for yourself. It’s a power-packed portable device which has a collapsible construction, enabling you to carry it around conveniently.

Weight: 110g

Battery Life: approx. 72hrs

Price (approx.): $55

Philips Audio TAH4205

A reputed brand, Philips Audio, who’s heyday has probably passed, but still it perseveres by delivering high performance devices such as the TAH4205. It is lightweight and has a cushioned headband for maximum comfort. It can also be flat-folded, making it compact to carry in any travel bag or backpack. It too, has a switchable bass button as well as a multi-function button to operate calls and toggle between songs.

Weight: 150g

Battery Life: approx. 29hrs

Price (approx.): $68

Panasonic RB-HF520B

Another brand, just like above, who has been around for a while, Panasonic stands strong with the RB-HF520B which boasts of a ballistic 50-hour battery life. This slick looking pair of headphones also has XBS – Extra Bass System, a technology that allows a filter to optimise the smoother flow of low frequencies, thereby enhancing the bass response. The design has been contoured to the shape of our ears, so that long listening can go on without any discomfort.

Weight: 205g

Battery Life: approx. 50hrs

Price (approx.): $68

 boAt Rockerz 550

Quite the looker, also sounding massive with big drivers, the boAt Rockerz 550’s over-ear design and soft foam earpad make it extremely comfortable for long listens. It doesn’t boast of enough battery life as many others on the list and in order to compensate for that, there is the option of using it with a stereo 3.5mm aux cable as well.

Weight: 245g

Battery Life: approx. 20hrs

Price (approx.): $68


The main criteria considered while choosing products for selection in our list have been price, features and brand reputation. Apart from the models that we’ve selected, each brand has options in price ranges above and below. Also, most of these selections come with microphones built-in for being able to take phone calls on and activate voice assistance on your mobile phone or tab. We have used the maximum retail price for listing in the article, but there are perpetual sales happening, so be on the lookout for sales on popular websites.

So, before you make your choice, ensure that you do the required research to zero in on which pair of headphones you want to purchase, according to your sonic, ergonomic and economic requirements. Lastly, the products we have listed are in no order of importance or priority, they’re just a varied bunch of options for you to explore and choose from. Happy listening!





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