IKEA Launches ‘the Trash Collection’ for Sustainability

The Swedish furniture mogul IKEA curated a reclaimed furniture line of their discarded products under ‘The Trash Collection 2021’. Launched in an attempt to push sustainability, Ikea will display the upscaled products at a more economical price in their second-hand store.

Ikea Norway collaborated with Osla-based creative agency TRY for the collection’s advertisement. The 75-second ad highlights a series of abandoned or broken furniture on the beach, landfill, garbage dumpsite, sidewalks, and the woods


The Trash Collection 2021 Campaign

It presents the discarded furniture at a discounted rate in comparison with their original price after refurbishing it. Ikea aims to propagate how ‘one person’s trash can be another’s treasure’ with this campaign. 

“Too much of our furniture end in the trash, and with this campaign, we wanted to show how it doesn’t need to,” said Ikea’s marketing communications manager Tobias Lien regarding the campaign.

He continued, “Often, the products are just fine or maybe they just need a few small spare parts. To show how little it takes, we have therefore collected some of them and given them a second chance at Ikea.”


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An estimated three million pieces of furniture are discarded in Norway alone each year. Many of those are from Ikea itself. This initiative is the brand’s response to cut down its waste cycle. 

Along with upscaling and reselling of their products, Ikea now offers spare parts of their goods to increase its longevity. They also introduced “IKEA Buys Back” wherein they purchase customers’ old Ikea furniture, restore and resell it at their second-hand store with catalog treatment.


Sustainability of IKEA and its products

The Swedish retailers are on a quest to be a zero-waste company by 2030. They plan on contributing to a low-emission society by “becoming 100% circular and climate-positive”. 

Other goals of sustainability for Ikea are: Make sure their resources last longer; create items that can be valued; repaired, rebuilt, reused, and recycled; transform rooftops into solar power plants; offer affordable services with clean energy, and more.

These goals stretch across multiple facets that are not limited to their furniture. It includes inspiring and helping people lead a sustainable life by implementing various methods to sustain their products. 

Additionally, investing in renewable resources ‘to become cheaper, more practical and more sustainable”. Since 2009, the brand has invested EUR 2.5 billion (USD 2.9 billion) in solar and wind power. 

They have a series of plans to be 100% supplied by renewable resources, offer zero-emission home delivery, create more sustainable warehouses, etc., by 2030. 


More from IKEA

Prior to The Trash Collection 2021, Ikea’s Canadian arm launched Repurposeful Instruction. These manuals show step-by-step instructions to upscale their items for all levels, beginners to advance.

“In addition to becoming a fully circular business by 2030, IKEA is committed to helping our customers and co-workers make lots of little changes to live more sustainably in easy and inspiring ways,” said a Marketing Communications Specialist of IKEA Canada.


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