Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operator Lore – Harishiva ‘Harry’ Pandey

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical first-person shooter that was released on the 26th of November 2015. The game has three modes that are a quick match that include Hostage, Secure the area, and bomb, while unranked and ranked only have an option to play bomb.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is heavily based on utility and map knowledge, with operator bans at the start of the match, as the utility some operators bring to the game either ruin a team’s strategy or the operators are simply overpowered.

In 2021, Rainbow Six Siege has sixty operators split into two groups, Attackers and Defenders but at the time of its release, Rainbow Six Siege had only 20 operators that came from real-life CTU’s and special units such as the United States of America’s FBI SWAT, France’s GIGN, Germany’s GSG9, Russia’s SPETSNAZ, and a default recruit for new players to grind in-game money called Renown.

Each operator had their own story before joining the organization called Rainbow, all hailing from different countries and have different backgrounds. Rainbow has its ways of recruiting people from all around the world but all face the man who took the mantle of Six after Aurelia Arnot, Harishva ‘Harry’ Pandey.

Harishva ‘Harry’ Pandey’s Background

Harry is from India and is said to be married and had a son before Rainbow’s reactivation in 2015 under Aurelia Arnot. He worked as a psychological and military advisor while his expertise was used in the screening and selecting of candidates for team Rainbow.

In 2019, Aurelia left team Rainbow to accept the position of US Secretary of State and recommended Harry as the new head of Rainbow. After Six left, Harry didn’t want himself to be called Six as the shoes left by Aurelia were too big to fit, so he asked the operators to call him Harry instead. He wanted to improve the relationships he had with his colleagues and operators by hosting psychic evaluations on each operator.

Becoming SIX

He appointed Maria Alvarez (Mira) as acting director of Rainbow’s R&D division in order for her to improve all operator gears and make sure the gadgets pass the test. Harry believed if operators live and train together, they would have a better understanding of each other and become stronger teammates. It was during this time he stumbled upon an abandoned stadium in Elis, Greece, and had it renovated to serve as a training ground and a place for all operators to stay in.

Harry asked Maria Alvarez to develop the SIM-SUIT, a simulated battleground. The SIM-SUIT provided realistic feedback with realistic ammunition but a safe place where the operators couldn’t be harmed but could practice with no repercussions.

He later invited Jaimini Shah (Kali) to join team Rainbow and by doing so Harry was also creating an alliance with NIGHTHAVEN to ensure opposing organizations don’t hire them, while he was also keeping a close watch on them. In January 2020, Harry launched the first annual Tournament of Champions in the stadium that would test everything the operators would have learned in The Program.

Later in August, Harry brought together a staff that specialized in recruiting instructors that specialize in several areas of expertise, Sam Fisher was the first to be recruited and made instructor of the Rainbow team.

In October 2020, Harry went to Bangkok to attend a festival called Loi Krathong as a cover for hiring a new operator. In the meanwhile, Jaimini Shah, the leader of NIGHTHAVEN is also there looking for an operator to join her crew. 

Harry has always had team Rainbow’s back although he’s not honest with them, he does it for the betterment of the whole squad. While Kali’s organization NIGHTHAVEN has been causing a lot of problems for Harry but he knows that leaving them would lead to another special ops unit taking them away and that might cause a huge problem in the future.

He’s appreciated by all his operators and has a deep connection with each of them, ensuring the operators that joining Rainbow has been a great cause and they fight for an even greater cause.



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