Palms Trax’s Esoteric Musical World

Coming from a modest family from Saltford, a village in the South West of England, learning music at a very young age, moving to Berlin to pursue a career in music, becoming an international superstar, and now a proud label owner; if you are looking for a success story in Dance music, Jay Donaldson aka Palms Trax’s tale will fascinate you at the very least.


Growing up in a family of potters where he got his inquisitiveness and creative mindset from, he learned to play the guitar from his father, and soon after he got his hands on Logic, a music production software, on which he would make beats during lunch breaks at school.

His love for the guitar saw him be a part of a Rock band of his own, before switching to IDM and Hip-Hop under the moniker Drop/Dead. Seeing his music royalties firmly planted in Garage, Dubstep and Hip Hop, he moved to London to study Music Technology until realizing that the course didn’t interest him either.

Paying for the course made him financially strapped and he was forced to work double shifts to pay off his debts, and while working these shifts, he decided to make a bold move and pursue his passion for music in Berlin.

After moving to Berlin, he started attending parties where the sound was majorly the 4×4 sounds of dance music; and finally, after years of explorations and experiments, Palms Trax finally found his love in House, Techno, and Disco but the funkier and the jazzier side of it.

After releasing his first EP on Asquith’s Lobster Theremin label in 2013, he was quickly snapped up by Amsterdam-based label Dekmantel. Since then, Palms Trax hasn’t looked back and 8 years later, he is one of the faces of Dektmantel, a seriously good DJ with an Essential Mix under his belt, and now the owner of CWPT Records that has recently seen its second full release.

We will take a look into the delights Palms Trax has ‘cooked up’ over the years with his music and his DJ sets.



Starting with his music first, Equation was the title track of his debut EP on Lobster Theremin, and a track that put him on the world map. The funky and synth-driven influences that Palms Trax nurtured his sound with were evident in this track and throughout the ‘Equation’ EP but nobody expected the producer to smash it with just his first release.



Next up is the glistening Disco House journey of Honey Lemongina. Part of the Various Artists compilation to celebrate Dekmantel Records’ 10th anniversary, a label which became the producer’s home right after his first release, saw him deliver an analogue heavy stunner laden with retro aesthetics, and a tune which can be the perfect party starter.



One of his recent releases before the announcement of his new label CWPT Records, Nduzangou’s adventurous Disco House rendition is an example of Palms Trax’s exceptional breadth of musical knowledge sheer versatility that drifts seamlessly between Vintage House and Disco along with shades of UK Underground, a type of sound that he has cultivated since his move to Dekmantel Records.



Coming to his DJ sets, which are known for Palms Trax’s stupidly excellent ability to make drive crowds into an overdrive. When Palms Trax is behind the decks, he takes people surrounding him on a journey into genres, continents and eras which combines music and cultures in their purest forms. His thrilling performance at the 2018 edition of Dekmantel’s famous festival drove us into a world of energetic House and Disco numbers.



Delivering top notch sets had become a routine for Palms Trax and his breathtaking set at the Dekmantel Festival in São Paulo followed the same drill. Bringing his penchant for blending music from different eras, Palms Trax put together a masterpiece by dropping some of the biggest and stone-cold classics from the likes of Don Laka, Angie, Issa Bagayogo, Hugh Masekela and many more. Our favourite Palms Trax set by a stretch.

With his new label, Palms Trax is sure to bring music every corner of the world together and we are excited to hear what he brings next.


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