The Texas Abortion Ban

Mornings used to be uplifting.

Mornings used to be a warm drink, watching the sun come up. The neighbors, early-morning tv enthusiasts, would tune into reruns of last night’s soaps, and I would tune out to the occasional and especially rare calls from seasonal birdies. Mornings used to be simpler back then. When I hadn’t learned how to read yet.

Mornings now? Make me wish I never learned to read, ever.

Some remnants of my childhood waking hours remain. I still hold on to a hot beverage. The neighbors are silent here, not too sure how I feel about that. Seasonal birdies wouldn’t be caught dead where I live, so it’s usually crows and cars.


And then there’s The News.

Hostile takeovers, natural and unnatural disasters, violent crimes, racial and religious dissent, moral policing and capitalism nightmares; pardon me while I try not to sound like a conspiracy blogger, these words don’t seem real as they fall onto this page.



So early on a Wednesday morning, I find that we have once again gone generations into a past we shouldn’t be proud of, not by a mile. Texas Bans Abortions at Six Weeks, the news is everywhere; a flash flood of tweets, opinions, articles, news broadcasts now take up the space that just yesterday was overwhelmed with the tragic state of another crumbling nation.

I felt a heat, uncalculated and incomprehensible. The right to choose should not be as foreign a concept as it seemed to be, but I do note I said should not, and my own cynicism renders an apology – if we hash out the could haves, should haves and might have beens, we will be here forever.

So explain it to me in as simple terms as possible. Explain to me the concept of orphanages and child surrender, and tell me how these things are non-issues. Explain to me – and pretend I’ve never had a day of education in all my life – how emotional and sexual abuse, job instability, homelessness, undiagnosed and reported trauma, health inconsistencies and illiteracy are not calculating factors in this revolutionary decision to ransack the right to choose and, once again, police living bodies.

Write it down and include it in global education systems so our future generations can come equipped with the tools they need to succeed. Teach them, don’t stop at the dress code, go for the money. Repeat after me: Your body is an object to be governed and policed. Say it out loud and all the time and don’t be shy about it. Take far-fetched scientific arguments, pair them with dated morality and a limited understanding of women’s bodies and present us with a ruling that lays waste years of progressive efforts towards unlearning and evolving damaging ideals. See where that gets us.

And when whatever twisted agenda driving body policing reaches its peak, with all its bells and whistles in place, maybe then 3 million collective voices saying I told you so will serve as some sort of way forward. Maybe.


Mornings used to be uplifting.

I’ll leave you with that.



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