Everything New In GTA V Tuners Update

The new Los Santos Tuner update brought an exciting amount of new missions, vehicles, and a new business for fans of GTA V online. The update was something all players were looking forward to as Rockstar wasn’t going to focus on traditional crime but more towards tuners and racing car culture. The update came with new cars, new clothes, and a new destination where car enthusiasts can hang out and test cars on the test track. 

If you’ve uninstalled the game because it just got too repetitive and boring, you’ve missed out on this new update. We’ve listed down all the new vehicles, how to unlock the LA meet, and all the Garages you can buy that came out with the update on the 20th of July 2021. Time for a reinstall?


The Update is said to have 13 new cars that are now available on GTA V’s Legendary Motorsport and Southern S.A Super Autos shop that you can access via your phone’s web browser.

  1. Karin Calico GTF

image via GTA.fandom.com 

Said to be the fastest car out of all the thirteen released on GTA V online. It costs a little under two million, pricing itself at $1,995,000, and is available on the Southern S.A Super Autos. During customization, players now also can spend a couple of bucks and buy colored headlights, low traction wheels, and a lot of body kits that would make your car look like a complete tuner instead of stock.

2. Dinka Jester RR

Image via GTA.fandom.com

You can find the Dinka Jester RR on the Legendary Motorsports website for $1,970,000, but you will spend more money modding this car if you’re planning on buying it. It looks quite great in wearing its stock body kit but after players are done with modding the Jester it can easily take you to the top of any race you’d like to win. If you and your friends are hanging out at the LS Meet you can modify your vehicle by giving it a transparent hood revealing what’s underneath the hood.

3.  Karin Futo GTX

image via GTA.fandom.com

Seems like a piece of junk but when modded feels like a perfect tuner. The car costs $1,590,000 and can be bought on Southern S.A Super autos the car brings an amazing amount of new and special body kits.

4. Dinka RT3000

image via GTA.fandom.com

The Dinka RT3000 is available on the Southern S.A Super Autos for $1,715,000, the car can be modified into a rally car or even a complete tuner. Many people love driving the Dinka as it’s fast and quite jumpy, with modifications it can easily be one of the fastest cars in GTA V.

5. Annis ZR350

image via GTA.fandom.com

The Annis ZR350 is a two-door sports car available on the Legendary Motorsport for $1,615,000 and is a replica of the 1992-2002’s Mazda RX-7. The car is sleek with the Ferrari F40’s flapped headlights and after modifying you can change the engine along with adding the transparent hood to it. The car is great for drifting after adding on tires with less grip, there’s a lot you can add to the car but it costs a lot.

6. Annis Euros

image via GTA.fandom.com

This is one of the greatest-looking cars to have come out in the Los Santos Tuners update, the Annis Euros is a replica of the Nissan 350z and came out on the 20th of July 2021. The car is available on Legendary Motorsport for $1,800,000 and after modifications, the car is easily one of the top 5 fastest cars there are in GTA V online.

7. Obey Tailgater 

image via GTA.fandom.com

The Obey Tailgater is a four-seater sports car that can be found on the Legendary Motorsports website for $1,495,000 which is quite reasonable if you have a group of friends doing a heist or mission and want to go in the same car. If you haven’t already noticed it is a replica of the Audi A6 from the same company in GTA that manufactures cars that look like Audi’s collection.

8. Vampid Dominator GTT

image via GTA.fandom.com

The Vapid Dominator GTT is the only muscle car released with the Tuners DLC and is available on Legendary Motorsport for $1,220,000. The modifications on this car make it feel like a complete tuner with its ability to do a wheelie and take off just like in the Fast and the Furious movies.

9. Annis Remus

Image via GTA.fandom.com

The Annis Remus is available on the Southern S.A Super Autos for $1,370,000 and is a replica of the Nissan S13 Silva. It is a two door sports car with JDM like modifications on GTA V online that you can even drift in putting on the low grip wheels that came out with the Tuner update.

10. Vulcar Warrener HKR

Image via GTA.fandom.com

The Vulcar Warrener HKR is a two-door sedan rear-wheel drive that is available on the Southern S.A Super Autos for $1,260,000, the car isn’t the fastest in the game but is a car you can mod completely from its hydraulics to even its interiors. It’s a fun ride to the LS Meet to show off to your friends.

11. Comet S2

image via GTA.fandom.com

The Comet S2 was one of the most highly anticipated cars from the Los Santos Tuners Update and is now available to purchase from the Legendary Motorsport website for $1,878,000. On the 20th of July 2021 the Los Santos Tuners update was released to the public and with it only 10 out of the 17 cars Rockstar promised to deliver, although you couldn’t purchase the Comet S2 but you could test drive it in the LS Car Meet along with the Vapid Dominator ASP and the Jester RR.

12. Vampid Dominator

image via GTA.fandom.com

The Vampid Dominator ASP is a two-door muscle car available to purchase from the Southern S.A Autos for $1,775,000, the car is inspired by the 1995 Mustang SVT Cobra R. It’s a pretty fast car and doesn’t lose traction on turns while being on high speeds. There are tons of modifications you can do to your car like making it a complete drifting vehicle.

13. Emperor Vectre

image via GTA.fandom.com

The emperor Vectre is a two-door coupe that is now available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport for $1,785,000. It is considered faster than the Jester and Euros after being tuned and has many unique modifications that players can explore. The Vectre was also released late and not on the same day as the launch of the Tuners update.

New Meeting place?

The Los Santos Tuners DLC came out with many cars for sure, but this time for their sixth anniversary since the launch of GTA V they made a no weapons no destruction place to meet like the Casino, they call it the L.S Meet. Players can come to the meet and compare each other’s cars while also competing against them in races and challenges.

You can find the place by simply going to the map and going down to the southeast corner of Los Santos at the Cypress Flats, and if you still find it difficult just move your marker to the casino and move it South until you find the icon. 

Once at the L.S Meet there are several things players can do there such as modifying your vehicle, buy L.S-themed clothes, get a tattoo, and a place to test the ability of your cars. Just like the casino where you can win a car on the spin-wheel, you complete challenges and earn a custom-looking car that changes every week. 

To take part in challenges you have to buy a membership for the LS Car Meet by spending $50,000, which allows you to participate in races against your friends and other players and also win the weekly podium vehicle if the challenges are completed.

The most interesting part of the L.S Meet is being able to display your cars just like you see in movies like Fast and the Furious along with other cool and tuned cars. It is a must-visit place if you haven’t gone there already!

A New Business and new heists?

Yes! When rockstar announced they are releasing their new Los Santos Tuners DLC they also stated that they will be introducing a new business, called the Auto Shop. There are in total of 5 different Auto shops which players can choose to purchase from.

Mission Row – $1,670,000

Strawberry – $ 1,705,000

Rancho – $1,750,000

Burton – $1,830,000

La Mesa $1,920,000

Each of them can be customized on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website into a nice but bland black or white wallpaper, while players also have a choice to choose from some very cool designed wallpapers. All of the garages store ten cars and within the garage itself, you can modify your cars

The business is quite simple as you get a car from a lady called Tracy who makes you upgrade it and send it to the buyer. You earn 30-60 thousand dollars on each delivery depending on the damage and the car. You also have a robbery mission to do which is by far the highest-paid contract mission that can give players $185,000. 

Rockstar has surprised us again with their Los Santos Tuners update, the cars, modifications, the LS Meet, and the new business. GTA V online isn’t just filled with crime now, you have car enthusiasts, street races, drifting cars, and much more to enjoy.



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