Rainbow Six Siege Servers Taken Hostage By Hackers

Rainbow Six Siege has been infested with hackers ever since the very beginning, with spin bots, wallhacks, and even aimbots. But this attack on the siege servers on the 12th and 13th of September really put things into perspective, on how Ubisoft has been handling cheaters. Yes, Ubisoft has its own anti-cheat bot ‘Battle Eye’ which does ban people from using cheats but is not as consistent and isn’t reliable.

Personally, I’ve been playing Rainbow Six Siege for just over a year and a half after the release of Ace and Melusi in Operation Steel Wave, and have faced my fair share of hackers in silver and gold lobbies. With that said, people with higher ranks have it even tougher! But this very instance that took place on the 12th of September really got me and other players genuinely concerned about fair play moving forward. The anti-cheat systems are long overdue for an upgrade!

What Happened?

Rainbow Six Siege’s ranked servers were hacked and taken control of by stalling ranked queues.

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A person under level 50 entered a squad. Due to being under level 50, players had the ranked and unranked option locked. The hacker, under level 50, would continue this with several games, moving from one to the next, essentially causing a complete shutdown of any and all gameplay. A YouTuber named VarsityGaming explained in his video “pretty frightening that these people can basically have control over 100,000 plus people playing the game.”

With that said, people who claimed to be responsible for the attack took to Twitter stating and sending over their list of wants by asking them to follow some social media accounts and DM them with their Uplay IDs as they’d be white-listed and could queue for ranked and unranked.

Click here to watch VarsityGaming’s Video.

Siege was never really meant to exist!

The game that Ubisoft was actually working on was called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriots, which was a story-based game with decisions that would impact the story. This got scrapped, and to cover for the losses, Ubisoft released Siege.

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Surprisingly the game did well enough for the developers to spend more time on it and make the mechanics and game much better. Later on the 2nd of February 2016, Siege had its first-ever season that was called Operation Black Ice. The bugs and hackers remained active there, but Ubisoft tried their best to get rid during Operation Health on the 6th of June 2017.


Image via Rainbowsix.fandom.com

By that time siege had made its name for itself having racked up many content creators including a place in gaming E-sports.

Conclusion to the Problem

We can say the issue has been cleared and sorted with matchmaking going on as it normally should. But this very attack on the serves has been the biggest and scariest thing to date and for players who actually like the game, we’re all hoping for the best

We can’t say Siege will never have hackers and cheaters in the lobby but we could really use a stronger anti-cheat system!


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