1985 Music Mark Their 5th Year With A Remix Album

One thing Alix Perez has consistently accomplished with his releases since his debut in 2005 is that he has set expectations for what is to come rather than dispensing what he has embraced previously.

After spending time on labels like Horizons, Fokuz, Spearhead, and Creative Source, Alix Perez signed an exclusive deal with Friction’s Shogun Audio where he delivered two landmark albums that changed the face of Drum & Bass. Since then, Alix Perez became synonymous with producing sample-heavy music while drawing a wide range of influences from other genres to complete his sound.

Following his success with Shogun Audio, he decided to move to dBridge’s Exit Records where he explored a wide range of styles that made him a proper musical polymath. After years of creative whirlwinds, the Belgian bangersmith decided to start his label which could translate his inspirations into music while taking the artists that he believed in along the way; and that is how 1985 Music came to life.

Since then, he has championed the steppy and minimalist side of Drum & Bass simultaneously with other genres like Dubstep, Footwork, Jungle. Thanks to 1985 Music giving artists the space to apply their musical intelligence with several production styles, we have the evolution of artists like Monty, Visages, and SubMarine.

1985 Music also inspired Alix Perez to bring back his Dubstep days through the ‘Last Rites’ EP, which was his first 140 BPM output 10 years after his appearance on the legendary Dubstep label, Tempa’s All Stars compilation.

Alix Perez started 1985 Music with a well-thought plan in mind, and a major part of the plan was to frequently release Various Artists compilations and bring artists from different genres together that exemplified his ever-mutating narrative of music production; and as the label steps into its sixth year, Alix Perez has decided to mark the end of 1985 Music’s 5th year with an 8-track remix album, featuring remixes from label regulars, affiliates and friends.

The compilation which is named ‘Sound Therapy’ will see the likes of Break, DLR, Sam Binga, Skeptical, Monty, Dogger & Mindstate, Visages and the man himself for a fresh spin on some of the label’s best tunes in the last 5 years.

So far, we have seen Break flip Alix Perez’ ‘Moving On’ with a surreal remix featuring his trademark rolling sounds complemented perfectly with a simple bassline, shimmering synths and melodies.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzGxnEXiX24]

The next rehash that 1985 Music have given us is the thunderous bass-spitting of Alix Perez’s ‘Trinity’ mutated by the label head’s good mate, Skeptical.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52gWT360c9o]

The best is that this is just the start. There are many more coming our way and we cannot wait to see how Alix Perez and 1985 Music surprise us next with their brand of culminating talent and craft together.

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