TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#9)

With so much new music coming out everyday, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Twelve Foot Ninja – Over and Out ft. Tatiana Shmayluk [Single]

Australian progressive powerhouse Twelve Foot Ninja teamed up with Jinjer’s prolific vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk to release the single ‘Over and Out’ from the upcoming album ‘Vengeance’, which comes out on October 15th, 2021. As is expected, the music video is comical, dramatic and weird in its own way – something Twelve Foot Ninja have trademarked. To add to the distinct sound and visual that they present, the album ‘Vengeance’ will be released simultaneously with a fantasy novel ‘The Wyvern and The Wolf’, written by Nicholas Snelling, which tells the tale of an orphaned boy who turns adopted ninja, and journeys through alternate dimensions with the Twelve Foot Ninja clan, taking on an evil alien force.

EPR – ADR / ABR (Prod. By GJ STORM) [Single]

India’s conscious east-side rap prodigy and activist, or ‘ARTIVIST’ as he defines it, EPR Iyer (Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer) conceptualised an emotional hip-hop adaptation of the Bhatiali folk song ‘Amai Dubaili Re / Amai Bhaisali Re’ (ADR / ABR), originally written by Bengali poet Jasimuddin, teaming up with producer GJ STORM. Bhatiali is a form of folk music in Bangladesh and West Bengal that fishermen and boatmen used to sing while going downstream in the turbulent waters of the Brahmaputra river. Along those lines, he builds up the emotional intensity with his brand of poetically on-point writing, with shades of Urdu and Hindi, proving to be the personification of the abbreviation of his stage name – EPR – Emcee, Poet, Rapper. Besides his solo rap career and the stardom he gained from the reality TV show MTV Hustle, EPR is also known for his role on vocals in the very popular Kolkata rap-rock band Underground Authority.

Spiritbox – Eternal Blue [Album]

An exemplary modern metal album, Spiritbox really hit home with their album ‘Eternal Blue’. It combines melody, brutality, intense growls, harmonious clean vocals, catchy hooks clubbed with low down-tuned guitars, backing synths and ethereal soundscapes backed by belting drums to create the perfect amalgamation for metal listeners today (excluding the typical evolution-hating old-school okay-boomer purists). One of the most (already) popular songs on the album – ‘Holy Roller’ – has had its music video up on YouTube since July 2020. It set the expectation and built anticipation for ‘Eternal Blue’. Phenom vocalist of this Canadian band, Courtney LaPlante teamed up with another big modern metal name Sam Carter of UK biggies Architects on the song ‘Yellowjacket’. Other notable songs on the album are – ‘Hurt You’, ‘Silk In The Strings’, ‘Halycon’ and ‘Secret Garden’. We encourage that you listen to the whole album, in its order and flow. Horns up! \m/

Lil Nas X – MONTERO [Album]

An in-your-face, no holds barred album that puts his sexuality in the forefront, not compromising on transparent expression at all, and reaching staggering number of likes and dislikes as a result, Lil Nas X dropped his highly-anticipated bomb album ‘MONTERO’, which is factually his real first name. He came to fame after a record-breaking first single ‘Old Town Road’ featuring Billy Rae Cyrus, which he released in 2019, but shifted away from the country-trap sound of that song, and moved more towards a more mainstream pop, rap and R&B style on ‘MONTERO’. Being considered a one-hit-wonder, naysayers were made to swallow their words (if nothing else) in March 2021 when the title single ‘MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name)’ dropped. The album has a host of prominent guest artists – Jack Harlow, Doja Cat, Meghan Thee Stallion, Elton John and Miley Cyrus. Lil Nas X proudly seems to be at the pinnacle of pop music right now.

Vasundhara Vee – Run [Single]

One of India’s most renowned jazz voices and educators, Vasundhara Vee released an uplifting pop-soul single ‘Run’, which, sound-wise is completely novel from what she is otherwise seen doing. It’s produced, composed and arranged by Dhruv Ghanekar, a brilliant musician and producer who has performed with and recorded some legends like Richard Bona, A.R Rahman, Louis Banks, Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain and more. Ghanekar takes a modern pop approach to the music, which compliments Vee’s soulful melodies perfectly well, creating an inspiring tone to the song, which talks about claiming one’s right to be oneself, accepting and celebrating the person one is. The song also features vocalist Neuman Pinto on backing vocals.

Bombay Bandook – Yaman [Single]

An indie-folk-fusion band, Bombay Bandook, from Mumbai (Bombay), India, released a single called ‘Yaman’, which takes its name from the Indian Classical music R?ga by that name. The 6-piece band’s sound is a mix of dance rock, pop and elements of many other genres. With an happy upbeat groove from now-migrated drummer Nachiket Karekar, who has moved to Los Angeles to live his dreams, and dynamically expressive bass lines from bassist and producer Jagravi Rao, a memorisable guitar solo from guitarist and lyricist Brijesh Joshi and the cutting yet tender keyboard lines and fills from Tushar Lall, the song, although being romantic in essence, reminds us to experience joy in and cherish every living moment.

IYRE – Raindrops On My Skin [Single]

IYRE is on fire at the moment. After releasing ‘Fragments’ on Goldfat Records for their Full Fat compilation early this year, he returned to the label for a gorgeous 2-track EP and shortly followed it up with a release on iconic Dutch label Fokuz Recordings. The Sri Lankan is now back with a dazzling release on UKF’s Pilot Records. Cinematic, atmospheric, and beautiful is how we would describe the track and it is how IYRE has been doing lately – dealing solely in the art of writing breath-taking Drum and Bass.

TwistedBass – Paisa [Single]

Following the release of his shimmering Deep House release’ ‘Ambarsariya’, TwistedBass is back with a full-frontal assault on his latest tune ‘Paisa’. Sampling vocals from Divine, Mc Altaf & D’EVIL’s seminal ‘Disco Rap’ tune, the producer has delivered a dance-floor ready banger by plugging bass heavy sounds and punchy drums with the vocal samples that oscillate wildly between the heavy-artillery Ghetto House elements.

Subp Yao – For Ya [Single]

‘Flana’ which is the name of Subp Yao’s latest album is an old Nordic verb which means “to wander” and that’s how you will feel when you listen to his deep catalogue; Soundsystem music presented in the most skew whiffed manner. Moving away from his skitter-y and massive bass style of Bass music, Subp Yao has taken the downtempo route with meticulously crafted drums, melodies and vocals. It is also a part of album which he says was written while “absorbing your surroundings while travelling inward and thinking/feeling things deeply while experiencing the environment you’re physically passing through at the same time.”

Cartridge 1987 – Starfighter [Single]

French producer Cartridge 1987’s comes from him penchant for Sci-Fi films from the 80s and video games from the 90s and its evident on his latest release with Nowadays Records. Part of his upcoming album ‘Passage’, Starfighter is a summer-time Disco number which is embellished with video game samples, 80s Disco elements and melodic struts.

Saudade – Bougarabou [Single]

Bridging past and present electronic music influences, Frappé Records is on a mission to attach the missing link between the Afro House genre, which takes influences from the traditional sounds of African and Afro-American communities. “Afrodisique” which is the label’s fifth EP brings French producer Saudade on “Bougarabou”, a dance-floor-primed tune, laden with warm Afro percussions and jazz-y chords.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen and / or groove to!

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