D&B Community Comes Together To Help Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a reminder of what wars can do to a country and most importantly, its women and children. 20 years after surrendering power in 2001, the Taliban reclaimed it from the state following the withdrawal of US troops from the country and leading a major offensive during the transition of power from The United States to the government of Afghanistan.

As a result, Afghan civilians have tried every possible way to flee their country, and over half a million Afghanis have fled with little more than some money, clothes, and other necessities; and the rest of the stranded population is struggling to meet their basic needs due to acute shortage of essential resources.

Seeing the scenes that have come out of Afghanistan gives us a sense of just how dire and miserable the situation is, and it has been made worse with help from other nations not being able to reach the needy due to the ban on flights by the Taliban.

As Afghanistan stares into a dystopian future, there is some hope, and that is coming from various organizations and entities outside its borders. One such organization goes by the name of Islamic Relief.

Islamic Relief has been working tirelessly in Afghanistan for more than 20 years and currently is helping those in need with food packages, hygiene kits, water storage kits and emergency shelters. Islamic Relief is one of the few organizations that have been at the forefront of supporting refugees in Afghanistan, and the ones who have fled the country.

Drum & Bass is a genre that rose to prominence because of its communal harmony, where people associated with the genre, artists and fans alike, lend a helping hand when in need. Be it raising funds for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster or Bou’s 62-track Bandcamp compilation for the Palestinian people in the aftermath of their conflict with Israel; Drum & Bass has been there.

As Afghanistan faces chaos, people from the Drum & Bass community have come together once again with a Bandcamp compilation named ‘Pray For Afghanistan’, with all the proceeds from the compilation going directly to the Islamic Relief.

Harry Davies-Jenkins, also known as HD, the man behind the compilation, sat down with us to talk about how he came forward to help the Afghani people.

  • It is a dire situation in Afghanistan and a reminder of how conflicts can wreak havoc on a country once known for its history and culture. How would you sum up your thoughts on the current situation in the country?

Harry: When I first read about the situation in Afghanistan, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My initial thought was that no one should have to live through that. I genuinely can’t even begin to process what these people must be going through right now. No one deserves this.

  • How did the idea behind the compilation come about?

Harry: The idea for the compilation came together when I was feeling completely helpless. I knew that I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, I had to do something to get involved. So, I decided to put this together. What better way to raise money for this cause, by sharing amazing music with people.

  • What can we expect from the LP?

Harry: You can expect a wide range of amazing drum and bass music! There is something for everyone in here. We have features from artists such as Philth, Tali, Mc Lowqui, Telomic, Scartip, Pyxis, Msdos, Sola, IYRE and many more..

  • What is your hope for the future of Afghanistan and the countries that continue to Be conflict to this day?

Harry: My hope for Afghanistan and other countries currently in a similar position, is that they can soon return to having a much better standard of life. To think that we’re in 2021 and people are being subjected to this way of living is absolutely devastating. I think people can be very quick to look down their nose at people in these terrible situations. We all need to remember we’re all the same. We’re all human and we all deserve the right to live in peace.

The compilation will be out in October with artists like Telomic, Pyxis, MSDOS, Cyber Posix, Sola to start with, so be on the lookout because this compilation is going to be a banger for a great cause.

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