Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operator Lore – Ash

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical first-person shooter that was released on the 26th of November 2015. The game has three modes that are a quick match that include Hostage, Secure the area, and bomb, while unranked and ranked only have an option to play bomb

The game is heavily based on utility and map knowledge, with operator bans at the start of the match, as the utility some operators bring to the game either ruin a team’s strategy or the operators are simply overpowered.

 In 2021, Rainbow Six Siege has sixty operators split into two groups, Attackers and Defenders but at the time of its release, Rainbow Six Siege had only 20 operators that came from real-life CTU’s and special units such as the United States of America’s FBI SWAT, France’s GIGN, Germany’s GSG9, Russia’s SPETSNAZ, and a default recruit for new players to grind in-game money called Renown.

Ash always had a high pick rate leading to her being one of the most useful and important people in a team. She could win gunfights against any operator, take out deployable shields, breach floors and walls, and most importantly be the cause of the victory.

Ash now holds the role of leader in Forward Operations and not seeing her in a squad is highly unlikely. Due to the nerfs she faced last season, her pick rate has dropped expeditiously. We will be covering her lore and everything we know from her biography to the guns and utility she carries.

Eliza ‘Ash’ Cohen Background 

Ash was brought up in Israel by her mother who was a renowned Jewish political activist and a professor, and her father was also a professor of Middle Eastern Studies.  As a student, she excelled in Mathematics and Physics to later earn a degree in Structural Engineering at Tel Aviv University and spent a few semesters at Boston University.

After training for a year and ten months with the Israeli Defence force, she enlisted in the elite Air force unit where she served for five years. Knowing how to tactically move in all types of terrain, weather conditions, and having exceptional navigational skills, she was transferred to the FBI Swat due to the international law enforcement exchange program. She used her degree in engineering to develop advanced demolition techniques and equipment for the FBI where she met her close friend Miles ‘Castle’ Campbell.

In 2004, Ash participated in Operation High Sun in which a fall-out occurred between Spetsnaz Shurat ‘Fuze’ Kessikbayev and SDU Siu ‘Ying’ Mei Lin in that many operators thought Shurat had a disregard for civilian lives.

In 2015, Ash was recruited into Rainbow because of her demolition expertise and leadership qualities. She was made leader for Forward Operations and led many against the White Masks. In 2016, she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to investigate smuggling rings where she met Santiago ‘Flores’ Lucero and made him a deal for providing evidence against the most dangerous crime lords in turn for asylum in the United States which he agreed to.

In 2019, when Harry went to Greece to overlook the Stadium’s project Eliza tagged along constantly warning him that the alliance with NIGHTHEAVEN that might lead to further implications in the future as they are a private organization with unclear motives. Harry assured Eliza, NIGHTHAVEN was recruited due to them answering a distress call from the Supertanker Argus and saving the crew from pirates.

Although Ash was convinced by Harry, NIGHTHAVEN is a trustable organization she yet couldn’t trust Kali by her actions during the Sixth invitational. As everyone in Ash’s team other than Kali was outplayed by Team Mira during the invitational. Kali swung from window to window using her team including Ash as bait to win the game. Kali was being applauded by everyone post the games but Ash expressed her concerns that lead to a full-blown brawl in the locker room. 

Ash’s Utility

Ever since the beginning of Siege, Ash has always had one of the best meta in the game. Her primary guns which are the G36C and R4-C assault rifles were super easy to control. Her primary gadget, M120 Crem could be used to open floors and walls, as her secondary gadgets players can choose between a soft breach that can open floors, walls, and doors or a claymore that would help watch your and your team’s flanks.


The G36C is available on Ash with a 1.5 scope, holographic, reflex, and a red-dot scope, with a slight vertical kick to its recoil, after 15-16 bullets the recoil will spread horizontally. The gun can take on both long and short-range gunfights easily allowing you to win your fights. 


Over the years, the R4-C has been nerfed as Ash’s pick rate was skyrocketing along with her win rate. Ubisoft’s answer to that was to nurf her R4-C by adding more vertical recoil to each bullet making it difficult for players to run and gun. The gun is yet quite powerful in mid and close-range gun fights but to hold on to a long-range fight is now difficult.

Ash can be used in many different ways as she’s a three-speed and one armor, she is what we call an entry-frag. She has the potential to reach the site within seconds and simply kill the enemies before they’re done with setting up, giving your team a man-advantage.

We’ll be covering many more operators for you Rainbow Six Siege fans who might be curious to find out more about your favorite operator. Previously, we covered the head of Rainbow Harry Pandey, and the present Six along with his complete past.


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