Gta V Weekly News: As of September 25, 2021

GTA V’s online weekly offers are now out, with new podium vehicles in the casino, a new car on the LS Meet’s podium, Triple XP Missions, and vehicles on flat 50% off on Lengendary Motorsports car dealership, and Southern San Andreas Super Autos. 

This is a great opportunity for GTA fans to buy the cars they’ve had their eyes on or even with it. And let’s not forget about the triple money and XP missions which you can easily do along with your friends.

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Podium Vehicles

Casino Podium Vehicles

For this week’s Podium Vehicle in the Casino is the Lectro, which isn’t an exotic vehicle but has a couple of features that would make it a fun win after spinning the Daily Spin’s and getting the vehicle prize. 

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The Bike has an acceleration feature which by pressing down the L button on your controller down, it’ll feel like a boost that refills every time you let go of the accelerator.

LS Meet’s Podium vehicle

For this week’s podium vehicle we have the new Dinka Jester RR, which you can earn by simply completing any street race but coming in the top 3, five days in a row.

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It’s an amazing deal that you’ll be missing out on if you don’t win it. It is an amazing ride and has awesome new modding features which you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Vehicle Discounts

Legendary Motorsport

Unfortunately this week Rockstar only has one bike that is on sale but stay tuned for more updates weekly.


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Southern San Andreas Super Autos

In the Southern San Andreas Super Autos we have a couple of cars, bikes, and even trucks on sale this week.

1. Warrener HKR 

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2. Maxwell Vegrant

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3. PEGASSI Vortex

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Property Discounts

On The Open Road website that can be accessed using your Laptop at your Motorcycle Clubhouse, there are a few businesses that are now on sale.

  1. Forgeries – Many of these are on sale and have a double money double XP going on.
  2. Weed Factory – They are on sale for half of their original price and have a double money double XP going on.
  3. Counterfeit Cash – You can buy this business too for half the price and for the week get  double money double XP

Double Money and Triple Money Jobs/Races

For this week’s Double Money, we have all bike races that are diving double money and XP so grab your friends and start.

This week’s triple money jobs are an Advisory Mode that is called Hasta La Vista that is playable with four of your friends and will definitely give you people a good payout.

We’ll be giving you, players of GTA V online weekly updates on the sales, and double/triple XP missions for you and your friends to enjoy and make lots of money.

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