10 Unique Music Festival Experiences

There is no doubt that all music festivals are surreal or, in most cases, memorable experiences for music lovers. However, some go beyond showcasing the talents of musicians (the obviously important aspect of a music festival) – they attempt to take their audience on a special journey that leaves them with a beautiful and unforgettable experience. We now take a look at ten such music festivals that made it to our list of unique music festival experiences.

Music is a universal language, transcending all boundaries and uniting people from all over the world with a simple yet powerful connection. We are astonished by live sets that are able to move the whole crowd. We get high on the music, our hearts beat fast as we jump and dance to the beats, and we strain the muscles of our throats by shouting and talking loudly over the music. Live music causes different emotions to course through us. 

Right now, it is but a dream for many of us to attend music festivals or witness incredibly talented artists perform live before us and to share that experience with strangers you are connected to musically. In the meantime, let us learn of some of the unique music festival experiences. They might help you plan a trip when the world is ready to host music festivals again.

Night Nation Run – The World’s First Running Music Festival (USA)

Yes, you may have run late to a music festival. Have you, however, literally sprinted at a music festival, crossing the finish line, to make your run to the main stage, where top headliner DJs stood ready to throw you the party of a lifetime?

Well, Night Nation Run has given people a unique experience to celebrate both music and fitness, all in one event! Marketed as the World’s first running music festival, it supports Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a creative initiative designed to accelerate innovative cancer research. 

Not only do attendees participate in a fun run, they also support a good cause and experience a music course filled with amazing live DJs, Light Shows, Bubble Zones, Neon and Black Lights. With 1 million people across the globe becoming members of the Night Nation, this music festival is groundbreaking.

To join them or to know more about Night Nation Run, visit their website at nightnationrun.com

Secret Solstice Festival, Iceland

The Secret Solstice is a multi-genre festival that takes place during the summer solstice, making it 72 hours of daylight, dancing and sweet, sweet music!

You will find bliss and tranquility surrounded by beautiful mountains dotted across the country only at this music festival set in Iceland, just outside the capital, Reykjavik. 

Over a hundred domestic and international acts (established and up and coming) from a variety of genres have performed at the Secret Solstice Festival, with previous lineups having included Rita Ora, Patty Smith, The Black Eyed Peas and Jonas Blue. Their official website is secretsolstice.is

24-Hour Drone, New York (USA)

Photo by Richard Lovrich

The 24-Hour Drone is an immersive event that features musicians and sound artists working in sync to provide 24 hours of uninterrupted ambient sound. This experimental event encourages the attendees to spend their time at the festival by lying down on pillows and mats strewn across the venue.

This is done to immerse yourself in sound waves horizontally and leave your daily stressors and troubles behind while connecting with diverse musical communities and traditions. This event is presented by Basilica Hudson and Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM. Read more at basilicahudson.org

Boomtown, Winchester (UK)

Held in Winchester, near Hampshire, Boomtown at Heart is an immersive theatrical music festival that goes all out to create an alternate reality with endless stories for you to be a part of. For the entirety of the festival, attendees are guided towards never-ending adventures in this living theater with hundreds of characters. 

Boomtown is made into an electrifying and vibrant city that follows a different chapter in an ongoing narrative each year.

The previous chapters have been titled ‘A Radical City’ (Chapter 11) in 2019, ‘The Machine Cannot Be Stopped’ (Chapter 10) in 2018 and in 2022 Boomtown will be back with a clean slate in ‘Chapter One: The Gathering’. Visit Boomtown’s website at boomtownfair.co.uk to know more about their story and chapters. 

Florida Keys’ Underwater Music Festival, Florida (USA)

You heard it right! An Underwater music festival, pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Well, started as a way to raise awareness about coral preservation, hundreds of divers and snorkelers have flocked for the festival at Looe Key Reef.

Divers and music enthusiasts equipped with musical instruments play along to the ocean-inspired pre-selected playlist that is streamed live from underwater speakers as well as broadcast live on the local radio station WWUS 104.1 FM. 

For most of the years, divers and musicians played whimsical instruments inspired by sea life such as “trom-bonefish”, “bass-oon” and “fluke-a-lele” crafted by a local artist, August Powers.

Since sound travels faster in water, the audience have an exquisite experience enjoying the melody from underwater. The divers have the best of both worlds as they enjoy music underwater while discovering coral formations and other marine life.

Tmrw Today Culture Fest, Negril (Jamaica)

This festival is fifty-fifty, it is a music festival as well as a wellness retreat. Live music of different styles such as Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, Dub and more is played at this Culture Festival in Jamaica on the north coast of Negril.

Visitors at the Tmrw Today Culture Festival have a joyful experience and along with enjoying the great music, they can also participate in various workshops, meditation and yoga, natural healing through dance and music, tribe talks, fitness and sports and more! 

During their stay, attendees have a soulful connection and leave with an unforgettable spiritual cultural experience. Check out their website – tmrwtday.com to know more!

Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan (India)

Most of us can only dream of living like the royals, right? What if I told you that you could, in a way, live that dream for a couple of days? Well, actually, three days to be precise.

Magnetic Fields, also known as India’s premier boutique festival is held in Alsisar, Rajasthan. Alsisar Mahal hosts this festival for three days when the spectacular and marvelous palace is transformed into a breathtaking and vibrant venue for the festival. 

Visitors at this festival are presented with an exhilarating experience of getting a peek into the lives of former kings and queens by living in the exceptional ambiance, celebrating international underground music and an exciting treasure hunt in the Palace! Learn more about Alsisar Mahal and Magnetic Fields on their website- magneticfields.in

Melt! Festival (Germany)

Germany’s Melt! Festival is held in a massive coal-mine turned museum, Ferropolis, and if it couldn’t get any more interesting, it has five enormous mining machines amidst the ground.

In addition to giving this camping festival an industrial grunge, it also lets ravers and fans party on and in it! This electronic music festival is iconic! Visit Melt! Festival’s official website meltfestival.de for more!

Street Parade, Zurich (Switzerland)

The World’s largest techno Party that takes place in the City of Zurich is a non-profit music festival. Isn’t that unbelievable? Massive brightly adorned trucks – “love mobiles”, carrying large music systems and DJs, drive at walking pace through the crowd of people and in addition to this, nine stages are set up along the route for top DJs, live acts and multimedia.

Another amazing fact about this festival is that international star DJs appear at this Parade free of charge! You can learn more about the Street Parade and donate to this electrifying festival here streetparade.com

92Y Seeing Music, New York (USA)

This innovative festival celebrates both visual and auditory artistic endeavors and offers a new approach to interpreting music. What’s wonderful about this event is how it allows the various art forms to complement each other. Seeing Music is an aesthetically pleasing art and music festival taking place at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

The Internet has enabled us to learn of these music festivals that are MORE than just music festivals. The above listicle only mentions a few of the many music festivals that leave an imprint on the minds of the visitors who have an exhilarating experience. The power of these festivals coupled with talented acts and their unique touch to it is mind-blowing!

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