New Techno Exhibition Launches In MUSEION, Italy

Italians are no stranger to Techno, one of Europe’s biggest genres and arguably the biggest in electronic music. Italy has been home to some of the finest Techno acts, from Sam Paganini and Deborah De Luca to Joseph Capriati, Anfisa Letyago, and more, while hosting festivals like Kappa FuturFestival, Decibel Open Air, and Movement Torino.

Carrying the nation’s penchant for the genre, A Techno-focused exhibition has begun at the Museion gallery in Bolzano. Named TECHNO, the exhibition will run until March 2022 and be curated by the director of Bolzano’s MUSEION gallery, Bart van der Heide.

Split into themes like Freedom, Compression, and Exhaustion, the exhibition will explore the roots of the genre right from its early days to its modern-day presence.  The exhibition, which is a ‘long-term’ program, will aim to cover the links between humanity, music, ecology, technology, and more.

‘TECHNO’ began on September 10 as a daytime rave held in an abandoned power station. This rave was to celebrate van der Heide’s project and ran until a few hours before the event’s opening.

In a statement about the exhibition, Bart van der Heide stated, “When it comes to subculture, commitment is key. There was no such thing as a part-time Punk. Yet, in the case of techno subculture, one can enter and leave at any moment,”,

Mediated by new technologies, techno music became the soundtrack of liberation and escape. The compressed sonic architecture of the techno club forged meaningful bonds with its community, through collective and interconnected experiences of joy, exhaustion and calculated release,” he added.

The first edition of the ‘TECHNO’ exhibition will dive deep into the communities and subcultures built around the genre. It will also focus on the local Techno scene of the South Tyrol province, which is the byproduct of the genre’s communal spirit.

Other contributors to the TECHNO exhibition include Paul Chan, James Richards, Matthew Herbert, Yuri Pattison, and Samuel Kerridge.

Visit Museion’s website for more information on the TECHNO exhibition.

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