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Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical first-person shooter that was released on the 26th of November 2015. The game has three modes that are a quick match that include Hostage, Secure the area, and bomb, while unranked and ranked only have an option to play bomb.

The game is heavily based on utility and map knowledge, with operator bans at the start of the match, as the utility some operators bring to the game either ruin a team’s strategy or the operators are simply overpowered.

 In 2021, Rainbow Six Siege has sixty operators split into two groups, Attackers and Defenders but at the time of its release, Rainbow Six Siege had only 20 operators that came from real-life CTU’s and special units such as the United States of America’s FBI SWAT, France’s GIGN, Germany’s GSG9, Russia’s SPETSNAZ, and a default recruit for new players to grind in-game money called Renown.

Jaimini ‘Kali’ Shah is the only playable Indian operator in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and is the leader of a private special-op unit called NIGHTHAVEN. She also has an ongoing rivalry with colleague Eliza ‘Ash’ Cohen, who we’ve covered in our previous operator lore.


Kali is introduced to the Siege community during Operation Shifting Tides, along with fellow NIGHTHEAVEN member Wamai. She is an attacker with a sniping rifle that has a 12x scope and carries an SGM which is great for close-range combat.

Kali was born in India to rich parents but always had the ability to achieve anything she set her mind to. She enlisted in the army but at the time the Indian army did not allow women to serve in combat units. With her ambition set and her parents’ never-ending love, she made her own organization within the borders of India and later a private military company called, NIGHTHAVEN that worked overseas.

NIGHTHAVEN’s success is credited mainly to their head of R&D Division and the newest operator this season Anja ‘Osa’ Jankovic. Kali is daily negotiating multi-million dollar deals with other private and government companies that usually fall into her favor. And same did for Rainbow.

Joining Team Rainbow

In 2019, Kali and Ngugi ‘Wamai’ Furaha were invited to join Rainbow by Harishiva ‘Six’ Pandey, and by doing so Harry made an alliance with NIGHTHAVEN. Harry’s reasoning for hiring NIGHTHAVEN operators was due to an incident that took place on one of Argus’s supertankers, in which pirates had taken control of the tanker and started killing people but operators from NIGHTHAVEN put an immediate stop to the attack. Harry also didn’t want NIGHTHAVEN to make an alliance with other organizations and governments.

In 2020, she traveled to Bangkok, Thailand looking for Apha ‘Aruni’ Tawanroong to join NIGHTHAVEN that Aruni agreed to as she’d be able to gain advanced technology for her prosthetics as well as donating her pay salary to charity. Several months before, she had gone for a joint operations with the UN in Somalia with NIGHTHAVEN and the Forsvarets Spesialkommando where her life was saved by Hárvard ‘Ace’ Haugland

Six Invitational

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The Invitational took place in the Stadium in that the first match was Team Ash Against Team Mira, Cohen ‘Ash’ already had a problem with Kali being in her team and asked Harry for Vigil instead. Denied by Harry, they continued with the tournament. Team Ash had a great start but time was running out and they needed a plan. Kali and Ash argued that if they needed Finka to watch flank or go in for a complete assault, she chose to go in for an assault that would lead to Pulse killing her with his C4. In a rage, Kali blamed their loss on Ash by saying she wasn’t surprised they lost.

She invited fellow colleague Shuhrat ‘Fuze’ Kessikbayev to join NIGHTHAVEN for their training at the Stadium kill house in which Kali noticed Fuze holding back and asked him why he was hesitant on firing. Fuze stated Aruni was in his line of sight, to which Kali said that it was NIGHTHAVEN’s policy “To play and take risks’ ‘ and that Friendly fire didn’t matter as there were no lives on the line.

A little while later, NIGHTHAVEN’s Osprey landed in the arena to deliver equipment that Kali had asked Osa to build for her. Fuze had asked if he could come along and see what was being unloaded of the Osprey. He asked if she had a problem with NIGHTHAVEN operators being split into separate teams for the Invitational to which she confidently replied that her operators get more exclusive deals and allow higher rates in their contracts. Soon after she offered Fuze an open invitation to join NIGHTHAVEN.

During the conversation, she shows off her new Masterframe Prototype I to NIGHTHAVEN members and Fuze. She shows off the new tech by explaining the suit is able to absorb the bullets even from high caliber rounds, she adds that it is light weighted, helps increase reaction-time, reduces muscle strain, and could protect her from many of the biological and chemical weapons. Fuze asked her about the outfit she’s supposed to wear for the invitational had already been selected but she made sure she’ll be wearing her suit.

Team Ash in their second match faced off against Team Vigil, in that Team Ash had eliminated everyone in Vigil’s team other than Vigil himself who unfortunately got caught in an explosion set by thermite. During that match, Kali had set a claymore down to cover for their flank that Ash and the entire team were unaware of it but fortunately, it got triggered by Tachanka. Ash praised her efforts but asked her to inform the team next time.

In the final match that was against Team Mira, Kali wore her Masterframe Prototype I and provided sniping support for Team Ash as they proceeded to clear the building. Team Mira had everyone in Ash’s team pinned down and kali was given an order by Ash to give cover fire, but she turned to take on the enemies all by herself along with taking a shot that put her own teammate Ash in danger. A bullet that Kali shot went right by Ash’s head and graced her head making her pass out.

After the skirmish, the operators went to the locker rooms and congratulated Kali on a beautiful clutch but Ash being traumatized confronted Kali and threw a punch at her face stating it was not okay to use her as bait. Their teammates separated them from having an even bigger conflict. 

Bigger Plan

 Months later she convinced Harry to recruit Anja ‘Osa’ Jankovic, soon Kali called her up and said “we’re moving forward with the plan”. We don’t know what her intentions are but Harry believes he can improve relationships between Ash and Kali while also keeping NIGHTHAVEN under close watch.

Kali’s Utility

CSRX300 – Rifle – Primary Weapon

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Kali is the only sniper in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege while also have the strongest gun in the game. Her gun is completely unique with an 8x that can also become a 12x which has the ability to kill their opponent with a single shot.

SPSMG9 – Secondary

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This SPSMG9 is the best SMG in the game with the least bit of recoil to it. She also carries a C75 Automatic pistol which vigil has too. This gun doesn’t have recoil too but doesn’t have a scope and is certainly not the gun you want to take to a gunfight against assault rifles.


Attached to her gun is the LV Explosive lance which can be used to remove any breach deniers like bandit charges, mute jammers, and even kaid charges if you know where they are. The LV Explosive Lance can also be used to take out any shields, Aruni Gates, and even castle doors and windows.

Kali has brought a lot to the game of Siege ever since Operation Shifting Tides, many operators that have been released and have come from Kali’s special-ops unit, NIGHTHAVEN. We don’t know what her big plan is but I can tell you that I’m quite excited for the future of Rainbow Six Siege.


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