Tessela: The Man of Squelchy Hedonistic Bangers

One half of the rave-heavy sounds of British duo Overmono and a full part of Tessela, Ed Rusell is one of the finest and the most audacious producers in electronic music. Tessela specializes solely in producing music that people cannot easily forget.

Growing up with the early-’90s hardcore that his elder brother Truss (and other half of Overmono) introduced him to, he took his learnings to Leeds to learn music technology until realizing that it wasn’t meant for him. He moved to the South-West of England to hone his craft and the result was the swanky and dancefloor-ready music that we are witnessing today.

It’s not just with Tessela. The producer started his Poly Kicks label in 2013 and teamed up with his brother Truss for Overmono where he further expanded his minimal fuss and maximum impact sounds.

The thing with Tessela is that he doesn’t worry about the scanty details while making music that so many artists get stuck with and struggle to pull themselves out of. He just goes for the full monty and produces club-geared sonic humdingers as Tessela and Overmono by exhibiting the limitless trust that he has in himself and his music.

We will take a look into some of the tracks Tessela has produced himself and as Overmono that get etched into every dancefloor’s bones when they are belted.


‘Darelen, Please’ came when Tessela was a relative newcomer but just with his second release, he had already racked up an unforgettable industrial banger that was pinned with dangling bass dabs and thickened with analogue notes and percussions.


‘Wa Chacha’ originally, is a traditional song that is sung by women, especially the mother of a girl who is back from adulthood or school. Tessela along with the cheery and energetic sounds of South African producer Nozinja who is credited to have given birth to ‘Shangaan electro’ combines Nozinja’s rapturous vocals and deconstructs Shangaan electro elements into a bouncy dance-floor banger.


‘Glisten’ is one of the many Tessela tracks that flew off the racks in vinyl shops. As the name suggests, the track glistens into the listener’s mind with its Breaks, Acid, and Bass heavy sounds. For this tune, the enigmatic producer took a rather straightforward approach and brought Techno together with UK club music that is tied with rhythms that function like clockwork. Another belter from Tessela.


A track that changed the UK Underground, ‘Hackney Parrot’s infectious energy makes you want to stomp your feet every time you listen to it. Having witnessed it ourselves when Ben UFO dropped it at the Magnetic Fields Festival, the feeling is hard to describe in words. The monstrous subwoofer lashings followed by classic Chicago House touches, launch a full-blown hooky attack right from the first drop. Like it’s said in one of the Youtube comments of the track, “Hackney Parrot is like a meteor strike”.


Tessela’s success with his neoteric sounds continued when he and his brother Tom aka Truss came together to form Overmono in 2016. Recently released on the duo’s Poly Kicks label, ‘So U Kno’ could become one of the label’s most successful releases. Weaving between 2-step and Jungle, the tune brings out the modern sounds of Britain to full effect.


Even though a pitched down release considering the duo’s thunderous form of production, ‘Quadraluv’ was a proper statement release from Overmono which brought emotional intensity to their music through their ‘Whities 019’ release. The release was also an ode to the duo’s early introduction to rave music in the Welsh countryside.


Another genre-defining release from Overmono brought fluttery breakbeats and ambient bass hits that were a lesson taken from the classic Burial playbook, an artist who is considered as the overlord of the UK Underground. Traversing yet again between several styles and genres, ‘Daisy Chain’ is yet another propulsive record from the duo.


Seven minutes and twenty-two seconds of remarkable and free-flowing Melodic Techno. Sit back and enjoy because this rework from Overmono is a thing of beauty.

So, if you are looking for sounds that represent the multiculturalism in modern Britain with a mix of rave-inspired music, you know where to go!


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