TF Spotlight: Pyxis & Her Beats In Mind Imprint

An incredible producer and even better person who truly embodies the communal feeling of Drum & Bass, pyxis’ rise to the top is a proper success story. After spending 20 years behind the scenes working with Drum & Bass labels and producers in the UK, pyxis decided to branch into music production and landed her debut release on Goldfat Records.


Since then, she has released music on labels like Just Noyze, Liquid Drops, Sunny Moves, and also founded Beats In Mind, a label and a community that offers information and support to artists suffering from mental health issues. Her ‘Headsbass’ series featuring all D&B music line-ups for ‘Beats In Mind’ has featured some of the finest up and coming talent along with industry stalwarts.

After releasing a dazzling vocal-led Liquid Drum & Bass roller on Sunny Moves Records, pyxis has made her return to Goldfat Records with two effusive numbers in ‘Moonshadow’ and ‘Opium’.

Bringing her style of soothing melodies with a touch of vocal strokes, ‘Moonshadow’ exemplifies the producer’s phenomenal ability to create atmospheric, uplifting Drum & Bass. ‘Opium’ on the other hand is a constant mix of light and dark with waves of luscious synths lovingly cloaked over the razor-sharp drum work.

Following her release, we caught up with pyxis for a candid conversation to know her thoughts on her release and her ‘Beats In Mind’ label

  • After spending 20 years behind the scenes in the genre to releasing music on some of the finest labels in Drum & Bass. It’s an inspiring story! How would you like to describe your journey?

Pyxis: I would describe my journey as ‘therapy’ honestly, I know it’s so cliché to say this but music really is one of the 2 greatest healers, along with nature. The family around me in Drum & Bass has been my constant, both in support and appreciation, and I give that back. I am honoured and blessed to have dedicated my entire working life to a scene that has given me something to do every single day for the last 20 plus years, keeping my mind focused, that gives me purposes, that constantly injects my soul with such fantastic music and people and I’m so grateful for it.

  • Another sensational release on Goldfat. You just simply know how to create magic with your productions!!

Pyxis: Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say so. Like I was saying, music is therapy and I always re-create my deepest and probably most hidden emotions in my music, it really does say something when people connect with it. I always say ‘I do my music for me’ but I think I’m lying to myself really, I only say it in case people aren’t feeling it, but once they do, I realise my music isn’t just for me at all.

  • When did the idea of your own label come about?

Pyxis: It was after World Mental Health Day in October 2019, when I saw a newsfeed full to bursting with people’s honest and open accounts of how their own struggle with mental health. Seeing so many people in the scene connect, I just thought ‘why don’t we put this into our music and help people so I was only going to do 1 album, but now I’m already planning for volume 8! It was never meant to be a label, but it turned out you need to really have a label as a vessel to distribute, so I just came up with it and kept going.

  • There’s nobody in the scene with an initiative like ‘Beats In Mind’. People often tend to overlook the emotional and mental state of an artist. Isn’t it?

Pyxis: That was the beauty of being an artist as well, I could already tell even back at the beginning how much it was going to be a struggle to dismiss feelings of competing, growing, comparing, failing etc. As an artist of any art form, you are constantly judged, of course, it’s great when you do well, but when you turn your own hand to try and portray to others – whether it’s music, art, acting, singing or whatever it is, you are totally and utterly exposed to judgement and that, if you’re not strong in your mind, is a very vulnerable position to be in.

  • Over here in India which has a thriving music industry has had no conversations about artists’ mental health. What would be your advise to the labels and agencies in the country?

Pyxis: Artists are not machines, they are people with very deep emotions. As artists, we put ourselves in the shoes of others, the eyes of others, the ears of others, we constantly have to assume or wonder how others might feel when they hear music, read books, watch films etc and as I said, it’s a very vulnerable place to be, rejection is one of the greatest causes of mental health issues. So whilst we put ourselves in everyone else’s shoes, they often come to ‘expect’ us to just get on with it. It’s worth saying to the labels and agencies out there, or anyone else who doesn’t get it, put yourself in our shoes.

We wear our heart truly on our sleeves, for everyone to shoot an arrow of ‘it’s not good enough, ‘it’s not as good as so-and-so’ and people have no idea how much that hurts. Artforms are not generally done for income, although we do need that, it’s done for passion and once you pierce someone’s passion, you can end their enthusiasm, their efforts and their injection of something wonderful into the world, so I would advise that you treat artists as you would your own friends and family, without music and art etc the world would be a very sad and lonely place.

  • Can we expect a pyxis album sometime soon?

Pyxis: Maybe! I haven’t thought about it yet because I am really busy with other releases but I would definitely love to do that in the future.

  • What’s next for pyxis?

Pyxis: I have another few releases before 2021 is out, right up to December, but already there are 3 releases ready for early 2022. Headsbass Vol 7 is all going on and I’m already planning for Vol 8 with 5 confirmed contributors. I will just keep on as I am, I am very happy with how it’s all going, I love my little guest mixes, the occasional radio show, just doing me and staying in my own lane and making the joke that I’m the queen of my own castle haha. I don’t really need to set too many goals because it’s just going at a really lovely pace that I can cope with and enjoy. I never want it to become a pressure, or a chore, because then it wouldn’t be the perfect solace that it is.

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