TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#11)

With so much new music coming out everyday, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Wet Leg – Wet Dream [Single]

Alternative British duo Wet Leg released their second single ‘Wet Dream’ accompanied by a highly entertaining music video filled with funny frolic from Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers. The song is shaped around the phase of post-breakup texts from Rhian’s ex, where he would confess that he was dreaming about her in an (*wink wink*) endearing light. The Isle of Wight based duo seems to blend post-punk guitars with hooky bass lines and robust drums powered by their quirky and poppy vocals extremely well, creating their own indie-pop sound niche.

Mali – Sitting on the Fence [Music Video]

One of the go-to songs from her debut full length album ‘Caution to the Wind’, singer-songwriter Mali (Maalavika Manoj) released a beautifully animated music video for the song ‘Sitting on the Fence’. The video is directed and animated by Chedil K Marak and metaphorically relates the scenes with the screenplay showing how in the end the female lead trapeze artist is let down by her partner, after assurances and false promises, displayed through a montage of exploding emotions portrayed beautifully with smart use of appropriate colour palettes.

Charan – Akela [Single]

Used-to-be metal guitar player turned music composer and producer Charan dropped an emotional single ‘Akela’, the music video of which features actor Rohit Roy, model Benafsha Soonawala, comedian Munawar Farooqui and more. The lyrics focus on feeling of loneliness even in the midst of a crowd of people. Pouring his heart out, Charan received a thrilling response to the amazingly well made video and lyrically, an emotionally relatable theme that resonates with lots of people due to the state of affairs in the world today. Appearing for a cameo, you will also notice prodigious violinist Ajay Jayanthi elevating the emotional quotient of the music.

Limp Bizkit – Dad Vibes [Single]

After teasing the audience at Lollapalooza festival, Limp Bizkit released their new single ‘Dad Vibes’, which is a straight up reminder of their signature sound packed with slick riffs from the band’s genius guitarist Wes Borland and pumped up rapping from frontman Fred Durst, even inserting a wild “La-Di-Da” in the chorus. Their first surprise preview of the song, which they played as an outro to their Lollapalooza set, also debuted Durst’s (all new but at the same time old) retro dad look. For years on end, since the nu-metal era began, Limp Bizkit has always been an entertaining act visually and musically, and continue to keep up their standard of rap-rock / rap-metal with their own humorous twist.

The Devil Wears Prada – Sacrifice [Single]

Evolving their sound, American metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada released a new single ‘Sacrifice’, which combines the best of both worlds of melodic clean singing from guitar player Jeremy DePoyster and screaming growls from vocalist Mike Hranica. The band says the ‘Sacrifice’ is a song of defeat and that its character is exhausted, giving up in an abusive relationship where there’s nothing left to fight for. This transition in sound has been deemed impressive by a lot of the metal media and the band seems to be on the right track towards carving their unique sonic identity in the near future.

Oliverse – I’m Alive (ft. Averi Burk) [Single]

Oliverse is steadily championing the art of converging the old-school and new school elements of Dubstep with his experimental bass sounds. He adds further defiance to his music by bringing Electro House and Future Bass influences to his Dubstep productions. His latest track on Disciple Recordings once again takes a leaf out of his experimental playbook and delivers a vibrant synth-laden banger.

Abhishek Roy – Naseeb [Single]

Abhishek Roy, a singer-lyricist-rapper from the city of Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), is committed to sharing and contributing to his cultural heritage. Abhishek’s music has been featured by some of the biggest music houses like Rolling Stones, Homegrown, The Score Magazine and more. His latest track ‘Naseeb’ talks about his heterodox approach to life; a way of overcoming all the obstacles which he says is his way of paving the way if he doesn’t find one.

The Caracal Project & Rohaan – Turbocharged [Single]

Propellant sonics meet intricate sound design on this humdinger from The Caracal Project & Rohaan. ‘Turbocharged’ features an off-kilter beat that draws the attention of the listener right from the outset. The track grows further and climaxes into a sonically rich Drum & Bass tune that has sound effects filter in and out over crisp percussions.

LUZ1E & DJ Swagger pres. DJ DOOM – Come Rain Or Come Shine [Single]

Goddess Music boss DJ Swagger teamed up with Rec Room Berlin regular LUZ1E last year for their DJ DOOM project and the results were incredible. The producers have teamed up once again for a second outing but this time, it is on Berlin-based imprint Warning for two delicious House cuts. ‘Come Rain Or Come Shine’ is a skidder-y uptempo House roller that is paired with sensuous atmospheric vocals.

Bachar Mar-Khalifé – Danse [Single]

If you missed it in our earlier picks, Musique de Fête is a musical project of KasbaH and members of the French beat-maker label Nowadays Records and Lebanese composer Bachar Mar-Khalifé’s ‘Danse’ is a step further into the project’s excursions to explore the landscape of Mediterranean music. The track name which means dance in French pays homage to the glory of traditional dance forms that are deeply rooted in the Mediterranean culture.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen to and/or groove to!

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