TF Spotlight: Goldfat Records’ Ascension

They said, “Run for the Love. Built for the Soul” when Mitekiss and Mr. Porter started Goldfat Records and they have meant every inch of the statement with every release they have put out since their inception.

They have always believed in releasing quality over quantity and they have pursued this philosophy when Mitekiss and Mr. Porter released their first two-tracker on the label. Since then, Goldfat have steadily grown in stature and fast forward 2021, they have comfortably placed themselves as one of the finest Drum & Bass labels with an envious catalogue that hasn’t seen the quality of releases dip below excellent, and long may that continue!

Quality music also signifies quality scouting and Goldfat have been on top of their game by being the first label to release music from the likes In:Most, Winslow, Telomic, Pyxis who are now staple names in the genre. The newer talent like IYRE, Kublai, Athena, Auris and many more have gone on to release their music on labels across Europe but their roots are firm with Goldfat.

Early this year, Goldfat Records released their ‘Full Fat’ compilation which featured artists across the spectrum while bringing varied styles of Drum & Bass into the album. The label have now followed up with a newly launched series called ‘Nuggets’ that aims to promote up and coming Drum & Bass talent.

We had founders Mitekiss and Mr. Porter along with Pyxis who is an integral part of the label for few words about their origins and their plan for the future.

  • Run for the Love. Built for the Soul – and we have felt it with every Goldfat Records release since we started following the label. How the idea of Goldfat come about?

Mitekiss: Initially it was a platform to put out my own music, I wasn’t ready to rush into signing with labels and just wanted a way to get my music out.

Mr.Porter: Like the man said he just created it for himself but that soon changed.

Pyxis: I came along when Goldfat had just taken a bit of a break but relaunched with the Andy Skopes & Mr Porter tribute single with “Where I’m From”, I was the next artist up on the release schedule and made my debut at the end of 2019.

  • In:Most’s Pictures In My Mind EP, pyxis’ Hourglass or Winslow’s Mumbles of Grace; we can pick a number of our personal favourite label highlights, but what according to you guys was the breakthrough moment for the label?

Mitekiss: I’m not sure there has been a breakthrough, I think we’ve been building what we have slowly and consistently – BUT highlights for me are Fullfat 01 – our first compilation, which seemed to fare well with fellow musicians and DJ’s.

Mr. Porter: Did we break through? Ha! Fullfat was definitely dope but I suspect our moment is still to come. Until then we just keep pushing and doing our best.

Pyxis: Looking back at the releases, it’s hard to pick a breakthrough but coming together for a VA with Fullfat was definitely a pinnacle moment, realising that Goldfat were so much on the up and up and showing the versatility across the board was pretty special.

  • Winslow, Note, Kublai and now the Sri Lankan sensation IYRE. Goldfat’s scouting is second to none!

Mitekiss: Ahh thank you, very kind. I think we attract like-minded artists which helps – it becomes self-fulfilling as other artists see the talent and want to join us!

Mr. Porter: Truth is there’s a lot of talent out there. We just try to help our artists be the best version of themselves.

Pyxis: Goldfat shines for this, it’s not even intentional, it’s like Mitekiss said – everybody wants to be a part of it because it’s so natural, it’s not scouted and it’s absolutely genuine that it works out that way.

  • The Full Fat compilation was a complete package of different styles and most importantly, breathtaking Drum & Bass music. What are your thoughts on the compilation?

Mitekiss: As mentioned earlier, really happy with the outcome of the compilation. I think it ended up being quite diverse, and really strong in terms of output.  sure we’ll look to do another one in the future.

Mr. Porter: Pride! It was our first album and the first opportunity to showcase all the talent we’ve been working with and also to introduce new faces that have since gone on to make waves. Everyone gave us their best and from our perspective we wanted to take the opportunity to do something people might not expect from us hence tracks like Athena’s ‘Next Door Reality’ or Auris’s facemelter ‘Altruist’.

Pyxis: It’s funny, I hear tracks from the Fullfat compilation so often and I’m really bad at remembering artists and titles, so I sit listening and think ‘ahhh this is a tune!’ then I do actually remember it’s on Fullfat, I remember Mitekiss saying he’d secured a premiere for every single on the album one day and we hit pretty high numbers on the various charts, I can’t wait to do another one in the future.

  • One track that we would like to highlight from Full Fat is ‘Losing Direction’. How did the creative process come about?

Mitekiss: I’ll leave that to Mr Porter!

Mr. Porter: Winslow sent me his initial version early 2020 with his chorus already laid down and I immediately noted the space for verses which he told me he’d tried to do some bars but wasn’t quite satisfied so I asked if he minded me giving it a shot and he agreed. I quickly sent back most of the first verse where I explored the ideas of mental freedom and growth from trauma. When I wrote that first verse I obviously had no idea what a shit show 2020 would be with covid.  In all honesty it took me months before I could revisit those ideas as it was such an oppressive and artistic killing time.

By the time we got that wrapped up we already knew that Wins was on his way to the big H so considered it would probably be our last track from him for the foreseeable so it was only right to put it on our first album. My lyrics are deeply personal and all about my own battle with mental health. I’m really glad Winslow agreed on this collab.  

Pyxis: Ditto Mitekiss!

  • Can you tell you us more about your newly launched Nuggets series?

Mitekiss: It’s a way for us to get more music out, but also try new artists on our label. We’re very slow at bringing in new artists and this really helps us get to know if we all get along. I think it’s great for the listener too, as you’re going to get a very diverse EP!

Mr. Porter: Some days you just can’t decide on garlic mayo, hot sauce or a sweet bbq well with Nuggs you can have it all in one sitting.

Pyxis: Nuggets is really exciting, it’s definitely an outreach outside of the staple artist roster, it’s really nice to be able to include other producers as well as tying in with the regulars.

  • What are Goldfat’s plans for the immediate future?

Mitekiss: We’re starting to look at live events, and we have two new ones coming up in October (London & Bristol) – Really excited to be involved in some club nights as a label to get our music to a larger audience..

Mr. Porter: A club presence will be fantastic to help us solidify our name and we can’t wait for that otherwise it’s just more of the same. We’ve come a long way since our relaunch at the end of 2019 and so have our artists. We continue to grow together and these are truly exciting times for us. We’ve already got months of fire lined up. Bring it on.

Pyxis: What Mitekiss said 🙂 (and probably Mr. Porter) haha

Goldfat have just released a stunning two-track EP from Pyxis. So if are you looking for some soul-soothing Drum & Bass, you know where to look!

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