A.M.C Returns To Titan Records With ‘VOID’ LP

A.M.C is a Drum & Bass producer at the confluence of the past, present, and future of the genre. The dynamic producer is a full package; with a foot planted in the past with his raw and classic influences and another foot planted firmly in the future with his unconventional approach to blending several styles into one.

It’s not just his music productions. He is one of the few Drum & Bass producers to have evolved from the dubplate culture and vinyl schematics of Drum & Bass DJing, which has helped him craft a pulsating, tight and quick-fire style of mixing; a style that has comfortably positioned him among the Top 3 Drum & Bass DJs worldwide.

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Being drenched with dubs and learning from the grandmasters of the genre, A.M.C unleashed his dark arts in 2011 when he released ‘Time’ on Cold Blooded Recordings which was shortly followed by an appearance on Soulculture’s ‘Borderline’ EP on E-motion Records.

Then came the emergence of Titan Records which germinated from A.M.C’s love for the future-focused and uncompromising style of Drum & Bass. Since then, the label has overseen a wide majority of A.M.C’s catalogue which includes an electrifying 10-track album along with a myriad of singles and EPs. It’s not just A.M.C’s music;Titan Records have been influential in advancing the careers of today’s heavyweights like Emperor, Hypoxia, Six Blade, T-Phonic, L 33, Dub Motion, Cruk and S9.

Adjacent with releases on his Titan Records label, A.M.C has also released his music on Ram Records, Blackout, Eatbrain, Low Down Deep, Drum&BassArena, UKF and he has now developed a unique, influential and respected position within Drum & Bass in the last 10 years.

After the release of his highly successful ‘ENERGY’ LP, A.M.C has returned to Titan Records with another 10-tracker called ‘VOID’. Having already released tracks like ‘Eject’, ‘Bass’, and ‘Triggers’ and ‘Operator’, which represent the producer’s high-impact style of production, ‘Void’ now completes itself with stompers like ‘Command C’, and ‘Bad News’ that demonstrate the talented producer’s respect for detail and technical expertise.

The LP has already spent a handsome amount of time on the highest position of the global Beatport charts and it is available for downloads from 15th October onwards, so make sure you grab your copy when it is available.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3DwGffR7sI]

Stream A.M.C’s ‘VOID’ LP – Here

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