What’s New on GTA V Online: 4th November 2021

Grand Theft Auto Five Online has exciting new offers every week with new podium vehicles you can win by spinning the wheel at the Diamond casino and let’s not forget about the new LS Meet podium, which featured new cars and new modifications for them. 

The Halloween update for 2021 makes the city of Los Santos a little more special to roam around in, with weird plants that if you consume turn you into an animal, new Halloween-themed cars, and if you are lucky, you may also spot a UFO. We will be compiling a list of activities and things you should try before it’s gone. 

Peyote Plants :

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Every year on Halloween, Rockstar launches their special Peyote Plants that are psychedelic plants that turn you into an animal with various ‘superpowers’. These plants can be found all over the map usually close to water, you could try going to LSIA and checking close to the benches over there, another easy one is outside Lester’s house and in the back garden of Clinton Residence in Strawberry.


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In Sightseeing, players can go to Blaine county at a specific location that changes every week and spot UFOs flying in the sky. It was the last event that took place on the 30th of October 2021 and was done last year too for Halloween.

Phantom Car: 

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The Phantom Car is an online event that many players seem to miss out on, the car appears out of nowhere with a flaming hood and chases you until it suddenly vanishes. The car only appears in the right condition where the roads are wet and the streets are foggy, and if you do decide you want to destroy the vehicle, you don’t win anything.


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Another free-roam event in that killers from famous blockbuster movies chase after you in the city of San Andreas. Killing them is always an option or run and save your life, because some of these Slashers are quite strong and defeating one will get you a rare Twilight knife T-shirt.

Weekly offers, double xp missions, and podium cars

With the Halloween event in GTA many offers and easy missions to make quick money is now available. We have listed below all the offers, double xp missions, and podium cars.

Diamond Casino Podium vehicle- Lurcher: 

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In the Diamond Casino, this week we have the Lurcher as the podium vehicle. It’s not fast but the Halloween update brought many customisations to the car. Youu can also purchase it for $99,000 from Southern Autos but winning it makes it alot special. 

LS Meet Podium vehicle – Obey Tailgater

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The Obey Tailgater is a new car lauched with the Tuners update, it’s meant to be a replica of the Audi A4 and has quite alot of custom modifications to it. The car costs a whopping $1,495,000 on the Legendary Motersports. To win the Tailgater all you have to do is you place top two in the Tuners themed street race four days in a row.

Discounts – Properties

For this weeks discounts, you have all the arcades on %50 off being one of the most important things in GTA V online. You start the Diamond Casino heist from the arcade while it can also be used as a place to run all your businesses. Even upgrading your arcade is on sale so don’t forget to add  some new games in your arcade.

Vehicle Discounts – Legendary Motorsport, Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and Area Wars

he vehicle discounts have all the vehicles from Area Wars on %50 off with modifications. Area Warz have one of the most fun and entertaining mods for your car with slashers on the side and a detachable bumper to push racers behind. 

In the Legandary Motorsports we only have one car that is the Growler which launched with the Tuners update. 

Double Money missions

For this week Rockstar has all the Alien Survival matches on double money with six of them to do with all your friends. 

A couple of Adversary Modes have also come out this week that is called ‘Come out and Play’ and ‘Slasher’. All Slasher events have double money so don’t forget to play them all and collect your reward. 

We cover GTA V content weekly with all the offers and deals for you to collect on time, with cars properties, businesses and even missions that give you double money.





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