Thorn, The Newest Operator in Rainbow Six Siege – Y6S4

Joining team Rainbow is an Irish operator called Thorn. She’ll be the sixty-second newest operator and the 31st defender in Siege. She’ll be joining in the last season of year 6 in Rainbow Six Siege as a part of Operation High Calibur. 

With the end of Operation Crystal coming closer, the newest season of Rainbow Six Siege will be bringing us a rework of the Outback Map, a new operator, and a new weapon. Here is what we know about Operation High Calibur.

Thorn – Gadget, Weapon, and Outback Rework

Thorn will be joining team Rainbow as a defensive operator hailing from Irland. She’s going to be equipped with a brand new gun that is called the SMG MK2. 

Leaks of her arrival came months before to Rainbow Six Siege fans about her gadget, a type of sticky grenade that explodes when attackers walk in the proximity. The gadget is quite similar to Kepkan traps and Ela’s Grzmot mines. In thorn’s lore, Seamus ‘Sledge’ Cowden described her gadget as a cactus kindly telling you, you are about to step on it barefoot.

On the 8th of November 2021, during the Sweden Major, Ubisoft will reveal the patch notes for Operation High Calibur, and the new operator’s gadget, guns, speed, armor, and even the map rework of Outback with that is said to have a better layout and is more suited for close-quatres gunfights. 

Stay tuned and watch the Sweden Major to find out more about the upcoming season. Ubisoft is, after all, very notorious with their operator nerfs and buff. I hope your favorite operator doesn’t get nerfed! 

All Sweden Major matches will be Streaming on Rainbow Six Siege’s Twitch channel, with drops available too. Click here to watch the Sweden Major. 


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