Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege Operator Lore – Thatcher

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter developed and published by Ubisoft on the 1st of December 2015. The game features two sides, attackers and defenders facing off in close-quarters 5v5 combat with each operator having their own ability that supports their team. Rainbow now has a total of sixty-one operators with their own background stories and their journey joining team Rainbow.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has a wide range of operators to play now in 2021, at the time of the games launched back in 2015 Siege only had twenty operators hailing from real-life special operation units like the SPETSNAZ, FBI SWAT, GSG9, GIGN, and the SAS.

The operator’s lore who we will be covering today is Mike ‘Thatcher’ Baker, one of the original twenty operators joining Team Rainbow hailing from the SAS special op unit, that is famously known for stopping the siege on the Iranian Embassy on the 5th of May 1980.

Background: Mike ‘Thatcher’ Baker

Mike Baker was born in England in the coastal town of Bideford where his family had a long line of dockworkers and army enlistees. At the age of eight-teen Mike enlisted in the army despite the pressure of his family urging him to join the family business, his younger brother took his place instead of Mike and ran the family business but kept getting tangled with shady people who he owed money to.

Later, he bought an old ship that he called the Iron Maggie which he repaired and lived in. He got caught up in many of the political conflicts going around while he trained and performed extraordinarily at his missions, he was awarded many decorated rewards such as a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.

He was a decorated soldier and his decisive decisions on the field mixed with his close combat techniques, and keen sense of observation make him one of the most specialized operators in the field of escorting VIPs. 

On a mission, Mike and James ‘Smoke’ Potter teamed up with the SDU special operations unit alongside Liu ‘Lesion’ Tze Long for his first-ever operation, called Operation Green Viper. Following the success of the mission, both James and Mike stayed in Macau for an extra day and celebrated Lesion’s first successful mission.  

In 2015, he join the Rainbow becoming an asset in every mission as his honed expertise with protective measures and electronic countermeasures always came in handy. Before joining Rainbow he was the oldest operation yet in service for SAS and a veteran of three wars. 

Thatcher’s Loadout:

Thatcher is a SAS operator that carries the same loadout as fellow attacker ‘Sledge’, he does have an additional weapon that is carried by ‘Flores’, including a pump-action shotgun.

AR33 (Assault Rifle): 

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The AR33 is an amazing gun with close to no recoil and has five equipable scopes that include, the red dot, holographic, reflex, 1.5x, and the 2.5x. With no recoil, you can take long-range gunfights and with the magnified-scope advantage gets those pixel-peekers with ease.

L85A2 (Assault Rifle):

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The L85A2 is carried by SAS operator ‘Sledge’ too and has a little bit of a recoil put only after you spend close to half your clip. The gun has the holographic, reflex, red dot, and 2.0x, the gun is great in long, mid, and short-range gunfights usually coming out victorious.

M590A1 (Shotgun):

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Carried by all the SAS operators like Mute, Smoke, Thatcher, Sledge, and Warden (not in SAS) the shotgun can come in handy during close-rand or even mid-range gunfights and as an attacker, there are a lot of walls that you can breach and using a shotgun is the best way to make a rotate or even a line-of-sight.  

P225 MK 25(handgun):

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Handguns are usually used for taking out utility or cams the defenders have instead of taking direct gunfights with them. They do a lot more damage than then your primary but they don’t have any sights for aiming, giving the defenders an advantage.

Claymore/Soft Breach:

Claymore’s are available in many operators as the gadget covers a flank for the team, in case a defender triggers it they immediately die. Players only get one of these while your teammates could bring more. 

Soft Breachers are used for destroying barricaded windows and doors while you can use them for making rotations, and even a vertical play as floors in the siege are destructible. Many operators have a soft breach and you get three, so you and your team can get control of the site and plant while another watches the holes from above. 

Special Ability: 

Every operation in Rainbow Six Siege has its own ability that helps their team either breach, take out utility, rush, and many more. Thatcher, on the other hand, is one of the most banned players of Rainbow Six Siege, it can be ranked and even in the pro league.

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His ability is the EMP Grenades that disable all of the defender gadgets in the radius including their scope’s site and the wall deniers making the walls breachable. It’s an overpowered gadget that yet hasn’t gotten nerfed and always gets banned in a rank game but when it’s not, the game is all yours. 

While Thatcher is definitely overpowered he’s been in Rainbow Six Siege ever since the start, one of the original 20 operators that we soon will be covering. We had recently added Sledge’s lore who was also a SAS operator like Thatcher, you can click here to check it out.

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