Tatora Release Confessions EP on Integral Records

There may be a time when we will run out of things to write about Integral Records’ mystery aliases but it is also a testament to how tenaciously they have maintained the narrative of the unknown artists on their label.

It started with Dawn Wall in 2015 when Integral Records released the ‘You Remember’ EP. The natural assumption was that they are newcomers but then came some more music from Dawn Wall and it was stupid to consider that they are new artists on the block due to the sheer finesse of their releases.

After the success with Dawn Wall, Integral Records dropped another bomb with Mohican Sun in 2016, who carry similar musical philosophies.  “Mohican Sun is a new member of the tribe. A new combination of producers including original members of the camp.” said Integral Records when asked for a comment on their alias. The identity of Dawn Wall left had already left us perplexed and now we had another mystery to solve.

Just when we thought that Mohican Sun is probably the final play from the Integral tribe’s mystery playbook, Integral Records introduced two more aliases with Tatora and Kaloa in 2020 and 2021. All the 4 aliases have releases 30+ singles and EPs so far, and yet the most shrewdest of Drum & Bass alias hawk-eyes have been left bemused after digging mountains looking for their identities.

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Tatora the label’s 3rd alias, started their mystical journey on Integral Records in 2020 with ‘Believe’ and ‘Blank Pages’ which was shortly followed by the ‘Future Sight’ EP. After going a year without a release, Tatora have returned to Integral Records for the ‘Confessions’ EP.

The 4-track EP starts with ‘Confluence’ featuring Perspective Shift who previously worked with them on their ‘Future Sight’ release, is a crispy piece of Liquid Drum & Bass with washy drums with breezy atmospherics and vocals. Tatora bring Satl’s and their styles together effortlessly with ‘No More’ while ‘On My Own’ takes us on a journey with its bright rhythm and drum work. The EP ends with title track ‘Confessions’ which takes us back to the Dawn Wall days with its tribal and Liquid elements.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=OLAK5uy_m_OvcVH-79haJ-6Z7zAEQQb5l6uvsO7Zo]


But the Confessions EP by Tatora – HERE

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