Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 Patch-Notes

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is completing its sixth year with Operation High Calibre and with it comes the newest operator, Thorn. Along with a map rework and changes to the operator’s abilities and meta. 

As compared to the previous seasons of Rainbow Six Siege, this season hasn’t brought as many changes as they usually do. For Operation High Calibre we are getting a rework of the map Outback that was introduced to us in Operation Burnt Horizon with the launch of Mozzie and Gridlock. 

Along with the rework we have a few gameplay changes with a buff for bullet-proof cams, as well as changing your team’s color and more. We are here to prep you and get you ready for Operation High Calibre. 

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Gameplay Reworks:

Bullet-Proof Cams

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At their current state, the bullet-proof cams really have no effect. It’s a stationary cam that looks only in the hallway you place it in without the ability to look around, many players just take the barbwire instead. 

  • The newest buff for the bullet-proof cams now can look around and shoot an EMP burst disabling any of the attacker’s gadgets. 
  • Any player in your team can use the camera and control it.
  • Once attackers shatter the screen on the bullet-proof camera, defenders will not be able to use the EMP burst. 

Drone Counter

The drone counter has been active on the test servers for quite some time. It is a counter displayed on the top right-hand side of the screen for all drones destroyed by defenders or captured by mozzie pests and mute jammers.

  • They’ve added an on-screen drone counter that tallies the number of regular drones destroyed or captured by mozzie during the round. 
  • It won’t count attackers special drones like Flores and Twitch
  • It won’t count if attackers destroy a Mozzie drone or the mozzie drone gets deactivated if it leaves the building.  

Player Colors

With the standard Blue team facing the Orange team, Year 6 season 4 is going to change that by allowing players to now customize their own team’s color and name (your team/opponents). 

  • In-game team names have changed to “Your Team” and Opponent instead of the traditionally “Blue Team” and “Orange Team”. 
  • Default Team colors have changed to Blue (Your Team) and Red (Opponents) 
  • Players can also change the color of their team to any of these three colors, Blue, red, and orange.

Operator Balancing:

This can either be a really bad season for you or really good, it all depends on your main operator! There aren’t as many operators getting balanced this coming season but there are some better than others and some not so appreciated.


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This season will definitely be one of the best for Finka mains, she’s got a couple of buffs that will help the team as Ubisoft shared their concerns about Finka’s low pick rate. 

  • Now if Finka is DBNO (Downed but not out) she can self heal and bring herself back onto her feet 
  • They also decreased the time for reactivating the Finka Surge 
  • Ubisoft will be removing the recoil-boost (reduces recoil for team members when adrenaline-rush) for Finka. 

Mozzie/Valk/ Echo

Many players have a problem with Valk not being banned, as throwing one camera outside the building can make the attackers really struggle. This was a concern in higher ranks like plat, diamond, and champion as well as pro-league matches. Valk is the second most banned operator in Siege but Ubisoft finally might have found a way around it. 

  • Increaded Drone time outside (was 3 seconds, now is 10 seconds).

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  • After 10 seconds all cameras placed outside the building will be destroyed(Mozzie, Valk, echo, bullet-proof cams, and maestro’s cameras.  

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  • Cameras can now only be accessed when they attach to a surface (include Zero’s ARGUS cams). 


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Not too many changes for Maestro in year six-season four but as a Maestro main’s your cams will now be accessible for your team to look around in and if hacked by Dokkaebi attackers could also rotate the cams.


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Ubisoft promises future plans for Goyo but as if Year six-Season four he will remain the same. With his two shields and an amazing gun called the Vector, We hope to see Goyo’s rework in the future!

Weapon + Attachment Balacencing

Angled Grip: 

Well, Ubisoft has unfortunately nurfed angled grips that help you ADS faster but have reduced the efficiency of it by 20%.

Recoil Changes:

  1. Jager (Primary): 416-C – Reduced

  2. Ash (Primary) R4C – Reduced

  3. Vigil (Primary): K1A – Reduced

  4. Zofia (Primary): M762 – Reduced

  5. Ace (Primary): AK-12 – Reduced

  6. Warden, Dokkaebi, and Vigil (Secondary): SMG 12 – Reduced

  7. Mozzie, Aruni (Primary): P-10 Roni – Reduced 

  8. Alibi (Primary): Mx-4 Storm – Reduced 

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Hope you are ready for the next season, and make sure you start saving your renown as the newest operator, Thorn isn’t cheap. If you buy the Battlepass you get her for free along with many cosmetics and skins exclusively for Operation High Calibre.

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