BCee Marks 20 Years in DNB With A 25-Track Album

The man behind some of the finest releases in the history of Drum & Bass and an artist who has stayed true to his Liquid Funk roots, BCee is one of the most important artists of the genre.

BCee started his journey in Drum & Bass when the sound had crunched itself in the darker alleys thanks to the rise of the Neurofunk sound that was taking over heads while struggling for identity at the same time when the genre could not decide between taking the commercial route and staying underground.

BCee, however, was determined to carve his path in the scene and after Fabio’s little experiment which led to the birth of the Liquid Funk sound, it was slowly finding its feet Bcee took it on board and made his intentions clear with just his first release ‘Life Changes’ with Kubiks for a gorgeous and atmospheric deep stepper.

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BCee then envisioned a platform to take his magic to the next level and started his own label, Spearhead Records in 2005. Fast forward to 2021, Spearhead Records’ catalogue is the melting pot of the genre’s love affair with Liquid Funk featuring music that was made for club and couch before cementing an insurmountable reputation as one of the finest imprints to have existed in the genre.

Right after Spearhead Records came Future Retro in 2007; a sub-label that helped BCee to channelize his music and the work of the artists that he believed in to come to fruition in the best way possible. Over the years, Spearhead has released nearly all of Bcee’s music together with appearances of big names like DJ Marky, Logistics, S.P.Y, Alix Perez, Lenzman, Redeyes to name a few. While Future Retro was has been influential in putting numerous up and coming artists on the world map, a list that includes names like Netsky.

BCee has also produced ‘Come And Join Us’ &  ‘Shouting About Nothing’ – two albums that are regarded as one of the best Drum & Bass has witnessed. In conjunction with his exploits as a solo producer, Bcee is also a part of The Vanguard Project with Villem; an enterprise that brings soul and grit of Drum & Bass in its music.

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With such a rich history that has been influential as an individual artist and a label owner, BCee deserved a big release to celebrate 2 decades in the genre and Spearhead delivered. To commemorate his feat, he has released an absolute humdinger of an album featuring 25 tracks that include originals from the man himself and remixes of his tunes from some of the most exciting producers in the game.

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The originals includes tunes like ‘Let Go Of Love’ With DRS, ‘Four Walls’ With Ruth Royall. ‘Hooked On U’ with Dynamite MC to name a few while the remixes feature renditions of BCee’s tunes from the likes of S.P.Y, LS, Bop, Phaction, Time Reaper, Levela, Emba and many more. 

The album encapsulates BCee’s journey as one of the finest purveyors of the Liquid Funk sound while featuring talent that has represented his modern-day pursuits.

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Buy BCee’s ‘This Time Next Year’ Album – HERE 

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