Ethos – A Sustainable Music & Arts Spectacle

The second wave looks like its settling down and festivals across the country are back in full flow. The state of Rajasthan, which has been home to some of the finest festivals in the country, is all set to host a stellar  2-day eco-luxury, multi-genre music and arts boutique festival called ‘Ethos Experiences’. Ticketing for this event is exclusively by Ticket Fairy.

The Ethos Festival will be held between 10 to 12 December 2021 at the Roost Resort in Jaipur. The two-day spectacle packs a solid lineup to support its magnificent surroundings. Ethos Experiences has Zokhuma going back to back with Dreamstates, two artists who are among the best tastemakers in the country. This is followed by Drum & Bass extraordinaire OX7GEN.

Delhi-based producer FILM will bring his experimental style of Techno, while versatile musician, producer, composer and DJ, Akhlad Ahmed will bring his mesmerizing live set to the fore. Deep Brown will bring his expansive crate of music that spans around Disco, Chicago, House, Funk, Soul and Detroit Techno. KillZen will spray their mercurial and zestful live flavours of House and Techno music. Other names on the lineup are Glafira, Anthra, Jamrul, Anuj B, Kavya, IncaseofG, Sid Praja, Uday Dass and Sidd.

Staying true to their name, the Ethos Festival will feature 4 distinct principles: The Fundamental Spiritwhich will aim to give guests a unique and memorable musical and art experience while practising sustainable activities in the most creative fashion. Music Programming – to give guests a rich festival experience. Sound Quality – to ensure that the speaker setups are fine-tuned to give patrons the best possible sonic adventure; and finally, Visuals & Light FX – to bring visuals and music together.

You can buy your tickets to the Ethos Experiences and get important festival information – HERE

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