Calibre Drops 7th Edition of His Shelflife Series

The first Drum & Bass artist to emerge from Ireland, and the youngest member of Fabio’s Creative Source family, Calibre has now gone on to become an absolute institution of Liquid Drum & Bass.

Drum & Bass artists that sit at the top of the food chain have always been associated with dance floor DnB. However, Calibre’s unique style comes from the couch-oriented, melodic, and moody music that he championed over the years. Starting his career in 1995, he has amassed over 20 full-scale albums, ranging from Drum & Bass, to House and Techno.

The amusing part about Calibre’s association with Drum & Bass is that he never really liked the genre to begin with. Calibre was introduced to Drum & Bass by his brother in the mid-nineties. At the time, he felt that it was too relentless and ‘beaty’, and preferred US House four-to-the-floor drumbeats instead.

28 years on, Calibre’s Drum & Bass catalogue has grown to consume a whole 127 pages of his Discogs profile. After releasing music on a wide number of labels from 1998 to 2003, Calibre grew determined to start his own imprint. And that is how Signature Recordings came to life.

So far, the label has overseen 17 of his 20+ album releases. Now, Calibre has dropped his 18th studio album, as part of his ongoing ‘Shelflife’ series. With ‘Shelflife’, Calibre aims to bring those tunes to life that have been dubplates for years and years.

‘Shelflife 7’ is a 13-track album consisting of Calibre’s productions from 2001 to 2020. The album features just one collaboration, with Jet Li, which encapsulates Calibre’s penchant for melancholic, spacey and dubbed out music.

The album is available on Calibre’s bandcamp. Grab it now, because it is a thing of beauty.

Calibre – Shelflife 7 Tracklist:

1. Wetter
2. Cure Amen
3. Cross The Line
4. Dumplings & Stew
5. Ready Beek
6. Calibre & Jet Li – Black Mountain
7. Snoopy
8. We Call It Rising
9. Blimp Op
10. Roga Funk
11. Nearly Nothing
12. Moonlight
13. Stoffen



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