TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#21)

With so much new music coming out every day, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genres no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!



One of Dubstep’s fiercest labels, Disciple Recordings, is closing the year with a storming 19-track compilation featuring big guns like Ray Volpe, Dirtyphonics, Terravita, Modestep, PhaseOne and many more. Our pick from the compilation is the snarly banger by Barely Alive, who specializes in the art of combining Dubstep, Trap, and Drum & Bass to create some seriously infectious tunes!



Having developed a reputation of producing clean, deep and warm low-end rollers, Creatures is revered for his consistency in bringing fresh sounds to Drum & Bass. His catalogue is just as impressive, boasting tunes on labels like Lifestyle, Dispatch, Overview, and Flexout, to name a few. Creatures joins forces with the champion of Tech-Funk, Philth, for a tune punched with compact bass grooves that are ladden with Joe Raygun’s vocals.



Starting out as a DJ collective promoting artists and music, Amsterdam-based Sinchi Collective have now established themselves as a label that consistently pushes forward-thinking music, by bringing influences from all across the world. Sinchi Collective’s ‘Altered States’ series has released their 5th edition and it has brought standout artists from Sweden, Mexico, Russia, France and Germany. Our pick is French producer Zaratustra’s hypnotic House banger that is cemented with cosmic chords.

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Highly Minogue, an artist who likes to dabble around in the world of infectious Garage and House rhythms, co-founder of party crew Extended Family, and now a host of one of Melbourne community radio’s most beloved shows, Spinning Around, is closing 2021 with a bang. His ‘Spinning Around 2021 Alumni VA Compilation’ brings Yollks for a thunderous electro-fused edit of Nelly Furtado’s generation-defining anthem ‘Promiscuous’.



Dave Mathmos, who is known for his brand of Deep House, Balearic and Disco spectrum of electronic music, has returned to Nu-disco label Slightly Transformed for 5 sensational cuts of club-ready Disco tunes. Our pick from the ‘Sketch of Noble Grooves’ EP is ‘Addio Ragazza Ciao’, a laidback, lounge-y 70s vibe Disco number with Italian vocals.



Jordanian producer Toumba is slowly gaining a reputation for bridging traditional folk sounds from Jordan and the Arab Peninsula, with modern UK club music. His latest self-release is a pack of high-energy club-focused dubs and edits that are a confluence of Middle Eastern and UK Underground music. Our pick from the VIP edits pack is ‘Saba3wi’ which Toumba says should be enjoyed on a large sound system with a glass of Arak (traditional alcoholic beverage in Jordan) in one hand and a Marlboro Gold in the other.



Export Quality Records’ debut year has seen them release some seriously good music in just under 5 months. Their latest exploits come with Mumbai-based Naisha for her debut single, ‘Kamikaze’, a dreamy R&B/Pop track that is composed and co-produced by Naisha herself. Kamikaze’s lyrics aren’t just about self-love but also feeling and practicing it, and truly living it. The song is a dedication to herself and every strong woman who stands up every day to be who they are. Her calm voice and tone of the production make it easy on the ears, and worth a few replays. Check it out!

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Demuja, the Austrian DJ and producer who is known to bring soul and depth to the world of House, Disco and Electro has released a 4 tracker called ‘The Green Tiger’ EP. Our pick from the release is ‘Bath In Lava’ which focuses on the wobbly and hypnotic, while offering equal importance to rhythm and texture through its energetic percussions.



Undoubtedly one of the scene’s most exciting talents, Disrupta is an artist who has been sending waves throughout the Drum & Bass scene with his chord-rich music. His latest release on UKF called ‘Like U’ features a delicious vocal sample that is circled around a pulsating yet pitched-down beat and a shimmering synth-line.



Moore Kismet’s music is special and when you realize that his latest tune, ‘A Wandering Chance’ is given by the Dubstep virtuoso as a free download, it makes you wonder if the best things in the world are actually free! The tune has been one of the most highly anticipated dubs of the year and it’s now available on Moore Kismet’s Soundcloud as a free download.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen to and/or groove to!

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