Aydn Talks Up His Latest Release On Sunny Moves

Sunny Moves is a London-based Drum & Bass record label that specializes in the art of delivering the lush and atmospheric side of the DNB. Since their inception in 2019, they have been consistently releasing spectacular Liquid Drum & Bass through names like Low:r, Pyxis, Patient, Elixr, Solsan and many more!

One of the label regulars who has been sending waves throughout the Drum & Bass scene of late is Bristol-based producer, Aydn who has returned to the label for a melodic marvel called ‘Beneath’.

Aidan Bennett was introduced to the piano from a young age and his gateway to electronic music began when his piano tutor showcased some of his productions in his music production software. Since then, he dabbled into the world of Dubstep, Future Bass and House before making Drum & Bass his standout genre in 2020.

After making his debut on Amotion Records, Aydn has already racked up releases on Soulvent Records, Goldfat Records, Calibrate, and now he has returned to Sunny Moves for a Liquid Drum & Bass dazzler. We spoke to the emerging producer about his release on the London-based label Sunny Moves, his production style and his plans for 2022!

From ‘Vacant’ in 2020 to ‘Beneath’ on Sunny Moves in 2021, it’s been SOME journey. How did it all begin for you?

AYDN: Well I guess you could say I’ve been making my own music for around 4 or 5 years as something to do alongside studying. I guess the lockdown at the start of 2020 just gave me some time to sit down and think about putting some music out seriously. If I’m honest I started listening to DNB around the same time I started producing it, I heard ‘You Got Me’ by Monrroe and just fell in love with liquid. The free time allowed me to set up my socials and get my tracks up to a standard I was happy with.

My first project ‘Vacant’ was a small self release EP and at the time I made it I didn’t own any monitors or have any decent headphones so I made the tracks using a pair of stock apple earbuds. Probably not the best idea in hindsight, but it was my first project and I didn’t really know how to A/B a track or have any idea what mastering was. The majority of my learning came from a load of other liquid artists through feedback streams and discord so I’d say I owe a lot to them for really helping me out in my early stages.

We’ve seen a number of styles and influences converging in your music but how would you like to describe your style?

AYDN: I’d probably say my style was somewhat on the heavier end of the spectrum when it comes to liquid drum and bass. Although I enjoy making melodic and floaty tracks I often miss that bit of ‘grit’ when it comes to wanting an occasional bass stab or more minimal drum break. I do enjoy making liquid, don’t get me wrong but I’m not sure i’ve really pushed the boundaries of it just yet. I’d say my track ‘No Option’ on Soulvent: Tonics 2  is probably my most ‘out there’ track in terms of production.

I think there is a struggle of striking a balance between experimental and formulaic, especially being an artist early in your career.You want to appeal to labels for having a unique sound but still need to fit within the genre the label releases. It’s a tough one, I’d say I’m yet to really find my sound but I’m currently enjoying the diversity in my productions from minimal to liquid that’s for sure. Also I’m always a sucker for a vocal chop or a vocal sample no matter what kind of track I’m making.

Coming back to ‘Beneath’; your third release on the label and a tune that encapsulates the gorgeous atmospherics that you always champion in your tunes. What are your thoughts?

AYDN: I always love releasing with Sunny Moves, the team is great and I owe them a lot for giving me my first label release. Melodics are one of the most important aspects for me and I probably focus on that first before any technical details. ‘Beneath’ really captured this and I’m super pleased with how it turned out. I think a lot of my atmospheric inspiration comes from Madeon or Porter Robinson, their tracks always have such a strong mix of pads and synths that flow and roll beneath whatever else is going on above them. I’d love to be able to replicate that in some of my own tracks.

Do you reckon that the lockdown last year gave you the headspace to write more music and inspired your creative flows?

AYDN: 100% yes, I think without the lockdown I wouldn’t have even thought about making music seriously. It’s a strange transition at the moment going from something that is purely a hobby and turning it into something more professional. I don’t think I’ll ever consider making music the number one priority in my life and the fact is I make music because I enjoy making it. I think once you place too much pressure on yourself to churn out songs that you forget the reasons you started producing in the first place.

What are Aydn’s plans for 2022?

AYDN: Well, my new year’s resolution this year is quality over quantity. I really want to focus on putting out quality tracks that people will really love. I feel I got caught up in the rat race a little too much last year and almost felt I had to keep releasing to keep showing my progression. I’ve got some exciting tracks lined up for next year and I can’t wait to show everyone!

Buy ‘Beneath’ by Aydn on Sunny Moves Records: HERE

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