Bathe in a Pool of Wine, Tea or Sake at Japan’s Yunessun Spa

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, more commonly known as Yunessun Spa Resort takes spa treatment, relaxation, and wellness to the optimum level. Hot springs or “??“ onsen of Japan is one of the prime enticing facets of the country. Traditionally, Japanese onsen is in a naturally warm, mineral-filled water overlooking ravishing sceneries. However, Yunessun Spa Resort fulfills your fantasy of bathing in a large pool filled with actual tea, wine, sake, coffee, or ramen noodles pepper-water broth. The resort’s themed Spa Resort is one of a kind in the world. 

Red wine, sake, tea, coffee, or ramen noodle broth… Options galore!

Located merely 1.5 hours away from Tokyo City, Yunessun Spa Resort in the town of Hakone features an eccentric repertoire of hot tubs. Of the 23 baths featured in the resort, some of their renowned options are red wine, sake, green tea, coffee, and ramen noodle broth. These are filled in regular-sized onsens with fresh ingredients, and are frequently refilled throughout the day.

“Our large domed area offers all-weather enjoyment including swimming in a large pool with Mediterranean Sea theme and luxuriating in baths containing wine, coffee or Japanese sake for a unique and entertaining experience,” reads their website

In addition to the novelty idea and concept of soaking yourself in warm wine or sake, Yunessun’s website states that these themed baths are beneficial for the mind and the body. They are rich in antioxidants and are known to cure acne or reduce wrinkles. The ‘colorful and richly fragrant’ red wine bath has skin rejuvenating qualities, the coffee bath helps to relieve fatigue and beautifies skin, whereas the green tea bath also improves blood circulation. 

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Some more themes at Yunessun Spa Resort

There is so much more to explore and experience at Yunessun. Spas and baths are segregated into Indoors and Outdoors. Indoor baths include the aforementioned Onsens as well as a themed Aegean Sea of Gods pool, fish foot bath wherein fishes nibble rough skin from your feet, a shallow pool for kids, a Finnish sauna, warmed stone room, and more! The outdoor area contains mountain water slides, a hot spring with a scenic view, cave baths, and a dragon waterfall.

Yunessun is particularly known for its Cypress bath – a female-only area for women to relax naked while viewing the picturesque sight of Hakone mountain. They also have Lie down baths, Saunas, Indoor baths, Pottery baths, and Open-air baths. 

The access fee for adults at Yunessan Spa Resort starts from JPY 1000 (USD 8.79) up to JPY 3500 (USD 30.75) and for children from JPY 500 (USD 4.39) to JPY 1800 (USD 15.82)

Find the link to book your entry at Yunessan Spa Resort and all related information – HERE

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Feature Image and information sourced from Yunessan Spa Resort’s website

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